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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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To say that the modern way of living is hectic would be a gross understatement. Life in the fast lane takes its toll on one’s mind as well as body. It’s hard enough to deal with the past and the present, hence few of us can afford to even think about peeking into the future. Perhaps, that is the driving force behind the success of cult movies like ‘The Groundhog Day’ and ‘Big’.

If you can still recall having watched Big a few years ago, the evergreen charm of Tom Hanks would have a lot to do with it. But there may well be another reason – the utterly fascinating Zoltar Speaks cabinet game. Spieldev has repackaged this sensational idea into a full-fledged online slot, soon to be released at top online casinos as Make a Wish video slot. Expected to fit right into the niche that Spieldev has carved out with slots like Codex and Fruity 7, Make a Wish is poised to be the perfect starter slot for players of all risk-appetites and wagering styles.

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Imagination, it’s been said many times, has no boundaries. When you play Make a Wish, this becomes abundantly clear at every turn of the wheel. The patron of this slot is ‘Zoltan’, a man who has lived for a thousand years or more and knows where your fate is going to take you. Just how the little boy in ‘Big’ was granted his wish of becoming a grown man so that he could escape the tough life of a kid, you are free to wish for a pile of coins here. Who knows, if Zoltan is on your side, you might end up richer than you started!

Spieldev slots have already shown us that the graphics team they have on board takes their job very seriously. So, it won’t be a surprise to speculate that the free Make a Wish slot will feature some cool graphics with clean, neat user interface. The sneak previews we came across at the official website of the company suggest that this slot will be built around the colourful ambiance of a carnival troupe, with bright lights and sounds driving the excitement higher. The pay table is also expected to chalk the rules out in a crystal-clear manner.

Brace for Impact!

While the volatility of this slot isn’t expected to quite high, we still hope for some chaos so that small wagers can be turned into sizeable winnings. That said, a high roller may not find the gameplay parameters presented here much attractive to quickly amass coins.

All Spieldev slots have featured special wild symbols. Therefore, it won’t be too unrealistic to expect Make a Wish to have a stacked wild on exclusive reels (either 2, 3 and 4 or 1 and 5). Having a stacked wild has two major consequences – it improves the odds of zeroing on combinations by leaps and bounds, and it also makes sure that you get to make the most of multiplier jackpots associated with them.

A scatter symbol will build your advantage further by letting you access the bonus round of this game. We can’t say with certainty what this round will be like, but one thing’s for sure – it will grant your free spins and an extra shot at taking home more coins.

More Ways of Making Your Wish Come True

Make a Wish isn’t the only magic themed slot out there that promises to make your wishes come true. This has been one of the oldest slot themes and hence, you’ll always have many other free online slots at your disposal to indulge in some futuristic fantasies.

You can make the first stop at Crystal Ball, a basic slot developed by NuWorks. This slot has everything from future-telling crystal balls to tarot-card-reading mentalists. With high variance and 25 paylines, Crystal Ball gives gamblers of all styles and experience levels a fair chance to clock decent profits.

Rosella’s Lucky Fortunes by Core Gaming is a similar slot, albeit a very underrated one. It has all the gameplay features of Make a Wish, along with a progressive potluck feature where a lucky spinner can instantly claim a huge jackpot.

A Lot to Look Forward to

Make a Wish has many things going for it in terms of anticipation. The developer – Spieldev – has been in the news for positive reasons lately; the stacked wild raises the bar many notches above other penny slots and graphics provide an overall special experience.

Since Spieldev is focussing on mobile traffic to boost its user count, it can be safely assumed that Make a Wish will be mobile-optimised in its entirety. The only qualm we have with this slot is the absence of an optional gamble feature that would have attracted even more high-risk takers to this slot. But despite some shortcomings, Make a Wish is a slot worth keeping your fingers crossed for – and that is a certain victory for a new developer like Spieldev!