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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Are you tired of those same old pokies with same old features? Have you already given up on penny slots that bring nothing new to the table? Well, we may just have the kind of news that you are waiting for.

Robin in the Woods video slot is one of the 8 slots that are being released by Spieldev, a new developer that has recently garnered a host of rave reviews from players, online casinos and observers alike. As one can foretell, the theme of this slot revolves around the escapades of the famed Robin Hood gang of ace-archers-turned-outlaws. The theme itself may not be very creative, but going by the track record set by Spieldev in 2017, we can say with confidence that this slot is worth keeping an eye on, especially if you like novel game features, exciting spin patterns and lenient paylines.

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Restoring the Balance of Wealth

That was the whole point of Robin Hood’s life, wasn’t it? So, it makes perfect sense for gamblers to ride their luck the best they can and bring a heap of coins home, while also having a bit of fun. Featuring the standard template of 5 reels with 3 rows and a fixed number of paylines, Robin in the Woods initially comes across as yet another slot that fights for the attention of punters. But with superbly impressive graphics, a neat set of sound effects and a tight, well-contained storyline, it is all set to end up being much more than that.

Most conservative speculation on our part tells us that the free Robin in the Woods slot is likely to feature 20 or 25 fixed paylines with a set order of combinations. Each payline can be loaded with up to 100 coins, thus giving players enough room to spread their wagers in the best way possible. Medium volatility, while reducing the chances of you hitting the big jackpot drastically, also ensures that it’ll be much easier to break even while turning the reels of this slot.

Special Symbols to Watch out for

All Spieldev slots we have tried so far have one thing in common – the stacked wild symbol. So, we are going ahead with the assumption that Robin in the Woods will also keep in line with this customary Spieldev practice. However, this stacked wild is not likely to appear on all reels. Instead, it will be exclusive to a couple of reels. More about this will be reported once the slot goes live.

There is also expected to be a scatter symbol that will unlock a bunch of free spins. This is, in our view, the best feature of this slot, as free spins give players the best shot at ending up in the green. The scatter symbol will also lead to a bonus game. This will either be a pop-up mini game or a special spin of the original gameplay.

You’re Spoilt for Choice!

The fact that you’re reading the review of Robin in the Woods tells us that you have a special liking for slots that are built around legends, fairy tales and archers’ exploits. If that indeed is the case, you’ll never run out of online slots to try your hand at.

The first and the foremost of our recommendations is Archer, by Playtech. Based entirely on the tales of Robin Hood’s exploits in Nottingham, this nostalgic slot is a perfect way to relive your childhood memories, and make some real cash while you’re at it. It offers the good-old 243 ways to win on penny wagers – a good starting point to see if it’s your lucky day.

Robin the Good by Xplosive Slots is a similar slot that you can play for free. Set entirely in the green colour scheme – an ode to the lush forests of Nottinghamshire and the favourite outfits of Robin Hood – this slot also offers high RTP. It is available at every leading online casino. Merry Money by Barcrest and Robin of Sherwood are two more similar slots that Robin Hood fans will be happy to visit over and over again.

Here’s What We Think

Spieldev is a name that has been making the rounds lately in online gambling communities. However, the developer still has a long way to go to make any considerable impact or snatch any sizeable share of revenues from industry leaders like Microgaming or NetEnt.

Robin in the Woods, from a broader point of view, is a nifty package that ticks most boxes required of dollar slots, if not all. It has a clear, non-confusing gameplay, solid graphics and a good word of mouth to back its future. Being mobile-optimised, it can be played on most smartphones and tablets on the go. Additional features like a progressive jackpot or a double-or-nothing gamble button would have made the deal a whole lot sweeter. But we can’t get everything we want, can we?