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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Making discoveries is good fun, but making mystic discoveries is even better; play Mystic Island from Spielo to be in with the chance of partaking in your very own Lara Croft style adventure. Free of tigers, but not scorpions – you can’t have it all.

Designed in a similar way to Mystic Fortunes, you’re sure to feel right at home with the 5 reels and up to 15 paylines of the grid; even the bonus round has a similar activation mechanism. With so much similarity though, and obvious ones at that, can this game standalone or will it become lost in the white noise of other slots from the brand?

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Scoring Points

In some respects, you have to score points throughout a real cash slot to make the money back, but few titles behave the way that Mystic Island does. Instead of needing to create a combo of icons, players need to collect a total of 1,000 points for the feature game to load. This quirky means of triggering the mini level makes Spielo’s slot innovative and unique.

Figuring out how these points are collected is rather difficult though, for the slot has very vague rules, which doesn’t help to explain features when the basics don’t spell it out. What is more, due to the medium volatility of the game, you rarely get to stock up on those bonus points, which means that entering this exclusive level will prove taxing.

Which Lever Is Which?

Should you manage to unlock the bonus round – which we commend you on – you’ll have an elaborate level in which you select levers to gain access to cash prizes. One of the levers will give you between 250 and 2,000 credits, but get to the idol that’s included inside this round and you could walk away with 5,000. If the monkeys don’t run off the with money first, those cheeky blighters…!

As far as bonuses go, this is interactive and fun, as well as in-keeping with the theme of the title, all of which are vital to a bonus rounds success. The predictability may not be the same every playthrough, but knowing what to expect will be, and so boredom will eventually rear its ugly head here.

What’s That Omen?

Any symbol with a skull on it tends to be understood as a negative omen, but with Mystic Island the icon shown actually works in your favour to gain you extra spins. Extra spins can equal decent sized wins and, at the very least, free gaming for a short period of time.

You can get between three and five of a kind matches, with each level heralding different outcomes; the most spins you can ever have is 30, with is 20 lower than Mystic Fortunes. Therefore, if you love you some free games, maybe opt for a Spielo slot that really dishes them out.

Clunky Controls

Being far away from home breeds fear, but more so when the equipment you’re working with is less than efficient – this is what you have to deal with when playing this real cash slot. Due to its age, the controls are less than ideal, giving them a clunky feel that goes against the idea of easy gaming. Furthermore, the control panel isn’t nearly as streamlined or as well laid out as it could be, which of course decreases the level of immersion you experience when inside the game.

Even the betting system isn’t clear; whether you play with credits priced at 0.01 or 1, the end value remains at 15, and so you’ll have to work the maths out for yourself if you want more accurate depictions of what you’re spending. Not exactly useful for those on a tight budget.

Lost at Sea

On its own, Mystic Island could probably be seen as a reasonable casino experience, but when put beside other Spielo titles, it begins to show a lack of innovation and excitement.

It’s good for a quick punt, perhaps, but it’ll never stimulate you, and nor will it make winning back cash easy, two factors that will undoubtedly put many gamers off.