25 Diamonds Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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We’ve got one for all you retro gamblers out there and it’s called 25 Diamonds. This classic slot is as authentic as the real machines themselves, offering hardly any variance and no mobile compatibility. Even though this sounds like bleak times are ahead for you, this free 25 Diamonds slot machine is actually a great game to load up when you’re in a gaming rut.

As it is however, most players who come here will be of a certain niche, looking to experience every corner of the slots community, not just the section devoted to impressive 3D graphics. Speaking of which, while the interface is 2D, it’s still relatively attractive for such a dated looking title. This recent release isn’t one that’ll win over minds, but it might just end up winning hearts, if you find it within yours to place even a low limit wager.

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A True Diamond

Once you’ve loaded up this online casino activity and deposited your cash, you’ll be able to have a proper look at the pay table (customers who play for free can jump ahead with ease). As you can see from the information given, it’s only the x5 diamond symbol that actually has any additional worth. The eight remaining tiles actually have money attached to them, and while they’re not high-paying, they come in with comfortable wins worth 100 coins or so. And yet the diamond does nothing other than act as the wild and bestow some multipliers upon your winnings. Although the latter element sounds exciting, the top payout would still only be 500 credits, if you managed to play the win lines just right, which by all accounts isn’t a massive windfall.

Hard Times Ahead

When you look at the above info, you’d think that making a win wouldn’t be too hard going, and yet the volatility of this title is super difficult. Even though the RTP is said to be a reasonable 95.93%, we find that landing a win is extremely taxing; we end up spending more cash than we earn back. In some respects this is perfect because of the realistic experience it offers us, but some gamblers will find it too great a risk to take. We even tried to play the demo version of 25 Diamonds, just to see if the wins came easier, but the level of challenge was still as high as ever. This is probably one of the harshest real money online slots we’ve come across, besides Novomatic’s that is. One aspect that could have helped this title would have been a gamble feature, but Spin Games decided to skip that, leaving us with little else to go on. While it may not have made the activity easier, it would have made the small victories feel more worthwhile.

What A Chance…!

Seeing as how lacklustre the 25 Diamonds video slot has been, we’re ready to try out a new type of game, but one that still fits the retro theme. This has led us to the 0 win lines of Mega Chance, from Novomatic, the hard hitting brand we mentioned not too long ago. As this is another classic activity, we can expect the same level of trials, however here we’re given a much higher level of variance. There’s free spins to bet on, as well as the chance to take a double or nothing after each successful win line. It doesn’t sound like much, yet when you compare it against 25 Diamonds, the small details make all the difference.

A Hidden Jewel?

We’d like to conclude that this is a title that everyone can love, that players from all over will find something to appreciate upon the reels of this real cash slot. But that will never be the case. Although we had a good idea of what to expect, the reality is very different from what we imagined, and it has left us longing for a different classic slot to try out. 25 Diamonds isn’t a poor game, not at all, but it’s definitely an acquired taste, one that only a certain type of punter can truly love. If that so happens to be you, you’ll have a great time.