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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Getting scared to death is something that quite a few of us enjoy experiencing, be it through horror films or rollercoasters, but sometimes smaller thrills are just as enjoyable. Take Midnight Rush as an example, this 5-reel slot machine may not be the scariest monster on the block, but it’ll make you jump out your skin with the money it can bring you.

This is a contemporary real cash slot that delivers three separate features, as well as a traditional seven symbols paytable. It’s not big, but it’ll freak you out. To get started all you need to do is decide the level of bet you wish to wager, as well as whether you want to keep the lights on or off. This activity may be for laughs, but all sorts of mishaps can happen when those lights go out.

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Coming to Life

Most horror themed slots have an undead aesthetic going on, with its zombies and skeletons rattling around the winlines. However, not all of them bring the imagery to life as well as Midnight Rush does. This is a 3D game that creates an engaging environment in which to play: there’s an abandoned shack in the near distance, alongside a timeworn and neglected graveyard. Could it be any more terrifying?

Well, yes actually. You see, although Stake Logic have attempted to make their title an immersive one, they’ve missed out on animating the reels. When a win is made you’ll get a small visual show, but it’s normally of the winning tiles becoming highlighted, leading us to ask where the drama is. We wanted to see wolves howling at the moon and bats turning into vampires. After all, that’s what we got when we played Lord of Darkness.

Multiplying the Dead

Traditionally in horrors you’re raising the dead, but in Midnight Rush you’re multiplying them to do your bidding; the higher the multiplier, the better your win. We see this type of setup in many slot machines, not just novelty themed ones like this, but what’s unusual is the delivery. Typically we see multipliers associated with free spins or matching icons, but here you have a bar at the top of the grid.

Listed on that bar is x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 and x6 rewards: any of them can be gifted to you at anytime, all you need to do is press the spin button and see where the light lands. Seeing as this is a random based feature, although the wins can be substantial, you’re more likely to get the lower end of the scale than the upper. What is more, whenever the multiplier bar landed on the x6 for us, we then failed to make a win, resulting in a loss of potentially big winnings.

A Blood Red Moon

Alongside the multipliers and expanding wilds (which we’ll comment on shortly), you have a bonus round that allows you to pick your prizes. In order to get to that stage, you’ll need to have created at least a three of a kind win, with the symbols you’ve matched up now able to be interacted with. Under each will be either a reward or a collect option; the collect is how the feature ends, so avoiding it at all costs is wise.

As for the expanding wild, this is a small time feature that occurs on a select portion of the matrix, on reels 1, 2 and 3. Basically you’ll need at least three of the icons stacked atop one another for the expansion to begin; it’s a simplistic feature, and one that pales in comparison to the rest found here. That being said, it helps to keep the variance on the medium side rather than low, which is always good in terms of entertainment value.

Get Your Spook On

Keeping the fear factor on the up and up is hard if you’re just playing the one real cash slot over and over, even if you happen to love it. That’s where finding another horror slot comes in – by having more than one option, your fright fest can live on, even after daylight has broken and the monsters have retreated.

For an altogether different scare, we suggest giving Haunted House from Playtech a try. Instead of having 5 reels you just have the 3, in addition to a much smaller paytable of prizes; think of it as your classic slot reborn anew. The imagery is quite dated now, but for those of you who love old horrors as much as the new, you’ll be screaming for more.

Hitting Midnight

When our time with Midnight Rush came to an end, we were a little sad to see the world of ghosts fall away, for there’s something so unnerving about this interface. However, while we appreciate the variance and enjoyment we can receive here, we believe that more could have been done to improve the gameplay. For one, Stake Logic could have included some free spins, as well as a more animated 3×5 matrix.