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A game with a noble and illustrious history, French Roulette has a premier lineage and has a big cultural mark. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, James Bond and even Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 all pay homage to French Roulette. It is a game loved by many and it has crossed cultural and social boundaries. However, the advent of the internet and the birth of online gaming created a new type of French Roulette.

Launched in 2010, NetEnt created a French Roulette Pro Series game that would become an unrivalled masterpiece of online gaming. This review will highlight the basics of French Roulette, introduce the gameplay and turn of play dynamics followed by strategy and responsible gaming advice. However, we must begin this guide with a little history.

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A Little History

French scientist, innovator and all-round genius Blaise Pascal took a short sabbatical at a monastery and it was here he was credited with inventing the game of roulette. Who would have thought that being holed up with monastic monks would end up with the greatest ever game? Pascal introduced the game to Paris and sure enough gambling houses opened their doors to new players wanting to experience French Roulette. Throughout history, the game has become a standard bearer of high-quality casino gaming – and this high quality has continued under the brilliance of NetEnt who have created world-class casino gaming solutions like French Roulette Pro Series.

The Basics of French Roulette

Much like the many different variants of Roulette, leaving the Russian game aside, be it European or American, the purpose of the game is to bet on the numbering, colouring or sequencing of the ball on the Roulette wheel. A ball is dropped by a croupier onto a spinning wheel which has been divided into a series of compartmentalised numbers, from 1 to 36, with different colouring (red or black with a singular green ‘0’). This is the mechanical basis of the game. The fun starts with the betting – this is true of the traditional real-world game of French Roulette as much as NetEnt’s French Roulette Pro Series.

NetEnt’s French Roulette Pro Series allows you to play a wide variety of traditional French Roulette betting styles. Understanding the diverse choice of betting approaches can help players create a bespoke and unique strategy; using these betting systems could lead you to success the next time you play French Roulette Pro Series. This next section will breakdown this betting strategy and the requirements therein.

Here are some of the more popular strategies:

  • Inside Betting – This is the simplest bet, you place a bet on a singular number or what is also called a straight bet
  • Outside Betting – This is the style of betting that sees bets placed on grouping of numbers, either based on numerical, colour or sequential dynamics
  • Call Bets – Also known as ‘French Bets’ whereby you pick which part of the wheel the ball will fall in.

There are three approaches in Call Bets, in French of course, outlined below:

  • Voisins du Zero – Which roughly translates to ‘neighbour of zero’ and means you have chosen the segment of the wheel between the numbers 22 and 25
  • Le Tiers du Cylindre – This means ‘part of the wheel’ and represent the numbers in opposition to the zero number. They range between 27 and 33
  • Orphelins – Which translates directly as ‘Orphans’ and means the eight numbers outside the realm of the two other segmented bets.

En Prison Rules

Specific rules apply to French Roulette Pro Series. For example, En Prison means that when a ball falls into the spinning wheel and lands in the green zero, any odd/even or black/red bets are retained on the table until the next bets are made. Another rule specific to French Roulette surrounds La Partage which means that if a ball lands in the spinning wheel hole for zero you’ll receive half of your bets back from any even money bets you placed. These are specific to French Roulette Pro Series.

We should also take a moment to discuss the ‘House Edge’ – which is different in the myriad of Roulette games available and different in the context of online gaming platforms. You should take a moment to evaluate the ‘edge’, which is approximately 2.7% on non-even bets and begins to fall to a 1.4% for even money bets. This is favourable in comparison to real-world alternatives. However, the edge differentiation is crucial and a unique dynamic in relation to French Roulette Pro Series.

What to Know About Playing French Roulette Pro Series Online

Online gaming is a growing marketplace and the changing and competing demands of technology – with the introduction of smartphones and tablets – have further augmented the experience. There are a myriad of French Roulette online gaming clones. However, there is a crucial point here. You need to trust your online casino and gaming platform. You need to be aware of national legislation and regulatory oversight. You don’t need to be an anorak, but you need to know how to keep yourself safe online. Understanding accredited online casino platforms means you can trust the provider and that means a stress-free playing environment, helping to make your next game of French Roulette Pro Series that much more competitive.

There should be nothing stopping you now, so go on: get online, search for French Roulette Pro Series and register to play today. Make sure your online gaming casino provider is an accredited platform in your territory and also make sure you understand the basics of the game. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy your French Roulette Pro Series experience so that you can be your very own James Bond or Humphrey Bogart from the comfort of your own home. Once you learn the strategies, you’ll start to see some successful bets come to fruition as you savour French Roulette Pro Series.