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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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For as long as there have been cards, players have been betting on the value of the next one drawn. While many games base the outcome of this wager on the card’s suit or colour, one of the oldest and simplest methods of betting is a basic hi/lo wager. Will the next card have a higher or lower number than the one currently facing up? It’s a feature that many developers have built into their slots as a means of increasing the value of wins in the base game – a hi/lo bet was once a staple in many fruit machines, back when they were played in games halls rather than on the web.

HiLo Switch Pro is NetEnt’s take on the popular gambling game, and it’s one which has been artfully executed. Billed as a progressive game of chance, HiLo Switch Pro like so many other virtual casino card games places you against the banker. The aim of the game – to predict whether the value of the next card will be higher or lower – sounds ridiculously simple, and yet it’s surprisingly tricky to get right enough times to make a profit. And therein lies the devilish beauty of HiLo Switch Pro: you know how the odds work and you know how to play, and yet you’re still entirely hostage to fortune.

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How Hi?

With an RTP of 96.62%, HiLo Switch Pro has a lower average payout than a game such as roulette, but one that’s still on a par with a typical video slots. Three decks of 52 cards are used and these are shuffled before each draw. One of the best things about HiLo Switch Pro is that it’s a game which is suited to beginners. That’s not to say that seasoned casino pros won’t be into this game – far from it. Even if Hold ‘em is more your kind of game, sometimes it’s nice to be able to unwind by placing a bet on the value of a single card. It’s not sophisticated but it’s still extremely satisfying, especially when you rack up a few wins in a row.

In terms of the scoring system, with HiLo Switch Pro, numbered cards are worth their face value. Aces are 1, jacks 11, queens 12 and kings 13. The dealer will deal three cards and then it’s up to you to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower. If you’re not happy with the cards you’ve been dealt initially, you have the option of swapping them all out. Moreover, if you successfully notch up three successive wins in HiLo Switch Pro, you’ll be awarded another opportunity to change your cards; think of it as being akin to receiving an extra life in a videogame.

All The Threes

Three really is the magic number when you’re playing HiLo Switch Pro. Should you call the first of your three cards wrong for example, you’ll lose the entire bet and your cards will be replaced by new ones. Get all three cards right however and you’ll be awarded the bet. While correctly guessing the value of a single card is easy enough – you’d imagine that on average you’d stand a greater than 50% chance of getting this right – over the course of three successive card guesses, those odds drop significantly.

One of the reasons why HiLo Switch Pro by NetEnt attracts such a diverse array of players is on account of its varying bet levels. Basically, you can play this game as a high roller or you can play it like it’s the last coin on earth and you’re trying to make it go as far as possible. The game’s progressive winnings are capped at 50,000. Make it that far through the game and it’s safe to say you won’t be to disconcerted to have won ‘just’ 50,000 coins. Like all of the games in NetEnt’s Pro series, HiLo Switch Pro follows the same format in terms of how you place your bet, namely by dragging chips onto the screen from the bottom right, marked in denominations of 1, 5 and 10.

Switch It Up

HiLo Switch Pro is a redeveloped version of NetEnt’s classic HiLo game which has been entertaining online players for a number of years. To summarise, the game is a self-contained version of the gamble feature found in various video poker games, with the objective being to select one of three displayed cards and then decide whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower. Players are offered prize amounts for each card based on the chances of a certain outcome. For example, going higher on a jack will reward a larger prize than going higher on a five. The twist in HiLo Switch Pro is that there are more chances to win as players are given the option of switching out their card in favour of another, drawn at random.

All three cards are swapped out and replaced by three alternatives, with the player continuing to go higher or lower until they either collect their accumulated prize or choose incorrectly, forfeiting the win. The game naturally works well on desktop and tablet devices as well as on mobile. NetEnt, like most developers nowadays, are very conscious of the need to cater to an increasingly mobile audience. There are loads of different games out there based on variants of hi/lo card gambles. For its smartness, smooth play and general ease of use, HiLo Switch Pro scores top marks. Try it for yourself at Mr Gamez where you can play for fun to whet your appetite before sampling the real thing at one of our partner casinos.