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Do you ever wonder where games such as Let It Ride or Red Dog got their names from? It’s kinda fascinating, if you’re into the finer points of nomenclature, to note how certain casino games have extremely evocative names, whereas others, such as Jacks or Better, are so matter of fact and drab in comparison. Judged by its moniker alone, Let It Ride Pro Series sounds like one of the most exciting games to be found on the web. It’s not quite that enthralling but it’s nevertheless an entertaining game that’s easy to pick up at a moment’s notice and to master. You can’t say that about Texas Hold ‘em.

While many casino games have origins that can be traced back to the 19th century or earlier, Let It Ride is a more recent phenomenon. It’s believed to have emerged in the 1990s as a spin-off of poker. It’s hard to keep track of the number of poker variants that now exist but it’s fair to say that poker has come to leave its mark all over the card-based games that online casinos offer up to their punters. While land-based casinos are naturally restricted by such things as floor space and the number of players, their online counterparts have no such limitations. As a consequence, it doesn’t matter if there’s just one punter playing Let It Ride at any given moment in time – it’s still enough to justify its inclusion.

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Ride On

Let It Ride is a popular game in its own right, even though it’s never going to be up there with the most in-demand poker-based games of all. For the uninitiated, it’s a game that’s simple to explain. The player is basically going against the house to make the best hand possible. Players begin by placing three equal stakes and being dealt three cards. After looking at the cards, players can opt to remove one of their original stakes, and do so again after the dealer reveals their first card. If the player hasn’t got a pair of tens or better then they lose their stake, but anything above this pays out a prize, starting at an evens payout for a pair of tens or better.

The highest payout in the game is, as always on poker games, from a royal flush, where the player can expect to receive a return of 1,000 to 1. Classic casino games have stood the test of time and will likely do so for generations to come; it’s hard to envisage an era where we don’t play poker or roulette in some shape or form. It would be stretching the truth to say that interest in Let It Ride is at an all-time high though. The game’s in no danger of becoming obsolete, but that’s not to say that it’s growing at the rate of Hold ‘em or American Roulette.

What’s the Deal With Let It Ride Pro Series?

NetEnt’s Pro Series comprises a complete suite of table games including numerous poker-inspired games. All of the Pro games boast the same high quality of graphics and the same interface, so if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all. Naturally, the games have been optimised for mobile so they’re ideal for gaming on the go. The developer’s Pro Series is a range of games based on classic land-based table classics and every single one looks as close as possible to the real thing, making it possible to experience the thrill of the casino without having to leave the house. Let It Ride Pro Series is a core part of that range and really brings the game to life at online casinos and of course here at Mr Gamez where you can play it for free.

As for how you play Let It Ride Pro Series, plus other Let It Ride games for that matter, it all starts by making three bets of equal size. You’ll then be dealt three cards and given the option of pulling your first bet back or letting it ride, as it’s known. At this stage, the dealer will deal the first community card which all players can use to form a hand. In this respect, the game mirrors Hold ‘em. At this stage, you have the option once again of pulling your second card back or letting it ride. The dealer will then deal the final community card and if you’ve won you’ll be paid according to your five best cards.

Let It Ride Paytable

If you’ve played poker before in any shape or form, the relative value of the hands that you can form in Let It Ride Pro Series should make sense to you. If you win with 10s or Better, you’ll receive a payout of 1:1. This rises to 2 for a Two Pair, 3 for Three of a Kind and 5 for a Straight. A Flush is 8, a Full House 11 and Four of a Kind is 50. That just leaves a Straight Flush at 200 and a Royal Flush at 1,000 to 1. NetEnt’s Let It Ride Pro Series lets you place chips worth either 1, 5 and 10 on the table, stacking them to reach a bet level you’re happy with. If you’re looking to profit from this game, which seems logical, there are naturally certain hands where you should let it ride.

Simple, Fun… Let It Ride

As a general guide, any paying hand such as 10s or Better or Three of a Kind is worth going with. Likewise with suited cards in a row except for 2-3-4 and ace-2-3. With four cards, any paying hand is again worth persevering with, as are four cards of the same suit. Inside and outside straights – in other words sequences of cards such as 4, 5, 7, 8 are worth it, as there’s a chance you’ll make the 6 on your final card to complete the straight.

As Let It Ride games go, NetEnt’s Let It Ride Pro Series is one of the best looking versions on the web. After playing it, don’t be surprised if you’re in agreement that Let It Ride deserves to be unleashed on a much wider audience than it currently receives. It’s so simple and yet so fun.