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The game of Blackjack has long been a central defining experience of any casino, be it bricks and mortar or online. The game epitomises the casino and gambling as a shared and lived experience. This review will examine the Double Exposure Blackjack online casino game. It will also highlight gameplay, turn of play along with other dynamics of play including safe play. However, before we begin we should learn the history of Double Exposure Blackjack and how it became a classic online casino experience.

Regular Blackjack only allows you to see one of the dealer’s cards. Not with Double Exposure Blackjack however – the clue’s in the name. Two of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. This gives the player an extra advantage. The game of Blackjack is a popular table game with fans worldwide and Microgaming created Double Exposure Blackjack to conjure a speedier digital alternative, and boy did they succeed.

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The Beginnings of Blackjack

Blackjack has a long and illustrious history in our culture. From Steve McQueen in The Cincinnati Kid or Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man to later, more questionable movies, like 21 with Kevin Spacey, Blackjack has epitomised cool and for good reason. It has a cult-like appreciation, and even though the game is about the player versus the dealer, it is also about understanding players who compete. This gives Blackjack an edge. However, in the context of Double Exposure Blackjack, the rise of online gaming has created a new type of cool – with big jackpots, social networking and more.

Gameplay & Turn of Play Strategies

The game is about player versus dealer and uses eight French standard 52-card decks. The next gameplay dynamic is the double exposure element – the dealer’s two first dealt cards are dealt face up on the table. This gives the player an edge and helps to level the playing fields surely? Alas, there are changes to the rules in comparison to traditional Blackjack. These changes surround the tie elements – if the hands of the player and the dealer tie, the dealer always wins. This is one such rule change that helps to level the odds in favour of the dealer. However, there are in-play strategies that can help nudge the odds in your favour.

The splitting rules are one excellent example whereby a player splits two equal value cards into a separate hand with bets placed accordingly and this can be done up to three times per game. This ensures that Ace splits or general splitting mean that the player has a stronger hand from multiple wagered hands. Microgaming Double Exposure Blackjack has odds of 1:1 instead of the normal online 3:2 payout. This is a generic odds calculation based on the dealer’s somewhat generous rules. However, this shouldn’t scare away gamers looking for a challenger. The ability to have up to four hands and this edge, in relation to the house edge of 0.68%, means that on average players can win back around 99.31% of their winnings on every $100 wagered. This means there is a division of generosity within the game.

Back in Blackjack

The odds and game playing dynamics and strategies mean real hardcore online casino gamers should sit up and take note. Double Exposure Blackjack is a great example of online digital casino gaming, one in which the returns are both competitive and advantageous in relation to the bricks and mortar equivalent. However, Double Exposure Blackjack, is all about that winning hand. You need to work hard and play hard to get that winning 21! The similarities to conventional blackjack are evident when playing Double Exposure Blackjack. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by getting as close as possible to 21. To win, a player needs a Face Card (a card with royalty) worth 10 and an Ace worth 11 (or 1). This is an unbeatable hand and the raison d’etre of both variants of the game.

There are big differences however, most notably the fact two of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. This gives a certain advantage to players. This is very different from the single card dealt face up for the dealer in traditional Blackjack. There are differences around some of the rules – predominantly on ties – that give an edge to the dealer. This division helps to make the game fairer. However, you need to know that Double Exposure Blackjack is one of the most popular online Blackjack titles and the fast-paced nature of the game has made it a popular choice worldwide.

Playing Double Exposure Blackjack Online

As online gaming grows in popularity and as more and more casino platforms open their doors to new clients, your ability to experience Double Exposure Blackjack has become easier (and more accessible from tablets and smartphones). However, this ease of use and ease of accessibility makes another relevant issue more pertinent. This is the security of your online gaming experience. Many national governments are stamping down on rogue trading digital casino platforms. It is vital that players understand regional regulatory services and find accredited online casino platforms that offer Double Exposure Blackjack and others in a safe and secure environment. UK players should be alert for UK, Maltese, Jersey, Isle of Man and Gibraltar national gaming accreditation brands on regional online gaming platforms.

Knowing how to play Double Exposure Blackjack, understanding strategies and finding safe online gaming casino platforms is just one small part of the experience. You need to have fun whilst playing Double Exposure Blackjack. Double Exposure Blackjack is about developing strategies that lead to success – the sort of success that leads to winning. Sogo on: play like the greats, from Steve McQueen to, erm, Dustin Hoffman, get online and experience Double Exposure Blackjack for yourself.

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