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Blackjack is an incredibly popular table card game with titles such as NetEnt’s Mini Blackjack providing evidence of just how enjoyable the miniature game can be. The game is a scaled-down edition of the much-loved traditional variant. Mini Blackjack is perfect for players of all ability levels. The game flows in an intuitive manner, helping to make gameplay and turn of play cues more relevant and educational. The traditional game of Blackjack is the ultimate table card game and Mini Blackjack manages to bring together the core ingredients of the game into a stripped back environment.

The first mention of a Blackjack-esque game was in Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, in the novella Rinconete y Cortadillo which was written between 1601-1602. The game was originally called Twenty-One and only became Blackjack in the early 20th century as a way of making the game more popular in illicit gaming dens across the United States. The liberalisation of US, Australian and European gaming laws and the opening of more professional casinos saw the game become a central draw. The internet and the advent of internet gaming allowed Blackjack to blossom as a fan favourite online. NetEnt’s Mini Blackjack is an attempt to make the game accessible for all.

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Similar to Traditional Blackjack

Mini Blackjack is similar to traditional Blackjack and this section will outline gameplay rules and turn of play strategies. The core objective of the game Blackjack, much like Mini Blackjack, is to accumulate card-based points in order to get as close as possible to 21. Whoever is lucky enough to get an Ace (worth 11 or 1) and a Royal Card (any King, Queen or Jack all of whom are worth 10 points) wins the game. Mini Blackjack is simple and the quickfire nature of the game means you can play through hands very fast.

Once you’ve been dealt your cards you have a range of available options:

  • Stand – You may click this option at any time to keep your current hand
  • Hit – If you want to take another card you can use this option. You may do this until you stand, get 21 or go bust
  • Double Bet – After being dealt your first two cards, if they total 9-11, you will be given the option to double your bet
  • Split – This option means you can split your bet into two separate hands with an additional bet placed you can only do this once per game
  • Insurance – this gives you the chance to save yourself if and when the dealer is lucky enough to have a Blackjack. If the dealer’s face card is an Ace, the option for insurance will pop up on screen

Differences Between Mini Blackjack and Traditional Blackjack

The main difference between Mini Blackjack and traditional Blackjack is more visual than rule-based. The traditional trappings of the board game have had to be changed or shortened in order to create a snappier version of Blackjack. However, the dynamics of the game are still underpinned by the traditional Blackjack rules. The single biggest difference is accessibility. Mini Blackjack comprises an online casino table card game that is fast-paced yet easy to grasp. By making the table smaller and more accessible, the developers believed the game would become easier to interpret – and they’re right. The game is more intimate than the traditional alternatives and and easy to get the hang of.

With so many different versions of bona fide classics out there for players to enjoy nowadays, it is no surprise to see that some casino game developers have opted to add twists to their games that have absolutely no impact on the rules. A case in point is Mini Blackjack from Net Entertainment, which allows players to enjoy the standard blackjack game in all of its glory, only smaller. The game itself is compressed down to just display the hole cards of both the player and the dealer with only minor details filling in the rest of the screen. The green felt is reassuringly familiar and the action buttons have been scaled down in the same manner to ensure a fluid, robust gaming experience that is just as intuitive as the larger version.

NetEnt’s Mini Blackjack

There are numerous reasons for Net Entertainment going ahead and creating a smaller version of one of their most popular games. Indeed, the company itself promotes the game as being suitable for casual gameplay while enjoying other games or waiting around for sports results. Indeed, such is the size of modern monitors, even on laptops, that there is plenty of space for a full slot game with this blackjack game positioned alongside. Indeed, casual players can have it open alongside whatever they happen to be doing at the time, be that playing something else or, dare we say, even working.

If you are looking for a game to pass the time while doing something else, or simply want the full blackjack experience without it taking over most of the screen then Mini Blackjack by Net Entertainment is an excellent choice. See what you think of the scaled down action by playing it here at where, just like all of our table games, it is absolutely free to try with virtual credits.