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The most popular casino games are often also the simplest. Roulette and blackjack are the perfect examples of this, two games which are a cinch to play and yet much harder to master. In other words, they’re pitched at such a level so as to make the game appealing to novices, but which also reward more experienced players.

When you’re playing online blackjack, there will always be a house edge to contend with, but by developing smart playing strategies, you can maximise your prospects of success. If you were to play the same blackjack game for an extended period of time, the house edge would eventually kick in, but up until then, anything’s possible.

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Back in Blackjack

Microgaming are the kings of blackjack variations, having released a dizzying array of spin-offs, each with its own twist or style that sets it apart from the developer’s existing back catalog. One of the pinnacles of their entire range is the Gold series, of which Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold forms an integral part. That word alone at the end of the name is more than enough to assure players that they’re in for a treat with top-class graphics and sounds, not to mention the kind of options and features that allow you to customise the game to suit your style. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is arguably one of the best variations on the standard blackjack ruleset out there and will particularly appeal to players who have had the pleasure of playing on the Strip for themselves.

While this version of the game may be unfamiliar, the rules won’t be as Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold uses the same format that’s in place at casinos everywhere. Naturally you want to hit 21 and, failing that, you simply want to beat the dealer. To aid you in that quest you have the option of splitting and doubling and generally doing whatever it takes to overcome the house edge. One highlight of the Vegas Strip version of the game is that you can double down even after splitting, which mixes up the basic strategy a little. Microgaming have thoughtfully made life easy by throwing in a basic strategy guide that has been customised specifically for this game.

Play Hard, Play Fast

In addition to being able to toggle an array of sounds on or off, the settings menu allows you to adjust the game speeds, ranging from slow to medium and from fast to fastest. Play like a tortoise or play like a hare: it’s your call. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold uses four decks of cards and the decks are randomly shuffled after each round. Assuming you’ve played blackjack before in some shape or form, there’ll be no surprises here. You’re aiming to beat the dealer, preferably by scoring 21 or at least by landing a total that is higher than the dealer. If the dealer exceeds 21, they bust and the pot is yours – provided you haven’t also bust.

In traditional fashion, when the dealer has an ace or a card worth 10, they will show their card. At this stage, you’re entitled to take out insurance, priced at half the original bet. This is because with at least one of the dealer’s cards worth 10 or an ace there’s a higher chance than usual that they will hit 21. If you’ve elected to take out insurance and then go on to win the hand, you’ll receive a payout of 2-1. One of the ways in which Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is arguably more interesting than other blackjack games is that not only can you split the cards but you can further split them again – in fact you can do so up to three times, allowing you to potentially play with up to four hands at once.

Split ‘Em

It’s the ability to split cards multiple times over that makes Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold a more enticing proposition than other forms of blackjack, which only let you split once. Naturally, the more hands you have live at one time, there greater the odds of you managing to hit 21 with one of them. What’s more, the ability to split cards isn’t just limited to identical cards: you can also do the same with cards that have the same numerical value. If you’re dealt a king and a queen for example you can split them. It’s worth noting however that if you split aces, any ten card that’s then dealt to them won’t constitute blackjack – instead it will just be marked as a regular 21.

The Gold Standard

For the clean graphics, lifelike game physics and generous splitting rules, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is a game which proves rewarding on many levels. In fact there may be a case for claiming that this is the gold standard of online blackjack games, for it’s one which covers all bases: it works well on a variety of devices, from mobile to desktop, it’s got comprehensive and well-explained rules and there’s the ability to set a wide range of bets to suit low limits and high limits players alike. All of the games in Microgaming’s Gold series are characterised by the same attention to detail and clean graphics, so if you’ve enjoyed Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, the odds are you’ll also relish the other games that bear the Gold moniker.

Given the plethora of different blackjack variants Microgaming have put their name to, be sure to check out the rest of their oeuvre while you’re at it. If you’re after a solid blackjack game with familiar rules, top-class graphics and a range of features and options, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is one for the shortlist. Give it a few hands with no deposit required by playing the game in full right here at Mr Gamez. Then, when you’re confident that you know your stuff are ready to take the next step, visit an online casino that will let you play for real money and relish all the thrills that are part and parcel of playing blackjack.