Tain Online Slots

Not every online casino software provider is best known for the games they create. For some developers, this is actually an afterthought, something they offer up as an added product to serve as a starter package to go along with their real pride and joy: the software platforms that can serve as the backbone for an entire operation.

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One company that very much fits this mold is Tain, a Swedish organization that was launched in 1999. While the group has created some slot machines over the years, they’ve best known for a variety of platforms that can support various gaming sites, including casinos. That has made Tain a fairly popular partner for many operators, even if players aren’t going to run into their games all that often.

Basic Slots That Serve a Purpose

The Tain casino games collection is very similar to those of many other groups that primarily create platforms that can include games from a wide range of different providers: relatively small, and not particularly innovative, but solid enough to deliver fun for users to enjoy even before they branch out into other offerings.

In this case, they have created a fairly small collection of slot machines for players to choose from. However, that’s not to say that these games are cookie cutter creations. We were surprised to find that they covered an interesting array of themes, and even those they could have been fairly generic were given interesting twists in order to make them a little fresh rather than carbon copies of games you’ve played a million times before.

Let’s take a look at a few examples. First, there’s Galactic Cash, a space-themed game that features some surprisingly attractive graphics. While the icons themselves are of fairly low quality, we just love the backdrop, which is filled with stars, planets, and moons. If anything, it’s all a bit overdone: there can be so many celestial bodies and lens flares filling the screen that it sometimes looks a bit busy. We say “can be” because the coolest feature is that every single spin takes you into a sort of hyperspace mode, sending you through space to a new destination with a new backdrop.

The game itself is fairly simple: it’s a three-reel slot with five paylines of action. Players can match a variety of different thematic symbols, ranging from satellites and ray guns to lunar landers, spaceships, aliens, and astronauts. Those astronauts have the potential to grant players a progressive jackpot bonus, while two ticket symbols will get players entry into a free spins round.

Next up is Pharaoh’s Secret, the obligatory Egyptian-themed machine in this collection. The graphics aren’t quite as impressive this time around, but they still serve their purpose: you’ll see a stone backdrop with plenty of ancient carvings etched into the simulated walls of the game. The reels themselves “spin” with the sound of rock-on-rock, making this game feel just a bit ancient as the thematic symbols fall into place.

The game itself is a bit more complex than Galactic Cash, offering up five reels of action and 20 paylines, with players able to play anywhere from a single line up to the full 20. If you’ve played other Egyptian-themed games before, then you’ll be familiar with the symbols you should be trying to match: scarabs, cats, and ankhs are among the more common icons, while the pharaoh’s mask is the toughest regular symbol to find, normally paying out up to 5,000 credits if you can find five in a row.

There’s also a wild symbol that can help substitute for anything on the screen, making it easier to make multiple wins during each spin if you’re playing on all of the lines. Three treasure chests will take you into the game’s pick ‘em style bonus round, while hitting five pharaohs at the maximum bet will earn you yet another progressive jackpot.

One of the more interesting themes that we found was in Seven Wonders. This is another five-reel, 20-line slot, but all of the “symbols” are made up as photographs of various modern and ancient wonders of the world. The backdrop is filled with notes and postcards, which really gives the screen a worldly, travelers feel, which we haven’t seen a lot of throughout the industry.

Throughout this game, players will be matching the pyramids, the Colosseum, the Statue of Liberty, and the Taj Mahal, among other famous landmarks. The biggest winners are two modern marvels: the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House, which offers up the biggest prizes of all (and, once again, can get players the progressive jackpot when they bet the maximum).

Two special symbols are also present on the reels. There’s a wild seven that, as usual, can substitute to help finish off winning combinations. In addition, three bonus symbols will get you into a special game where you’ll get to travel to up to three different exotic destinations, collecting cash out of postcards until the feature ends.

These are pretty typical of the kinds of slots you’ll see from Tain. While they aren’t spectacular, there is a surprisingly strong effort here, which goes to show how much work the company put into their product. While most of the games are very similar – split between the three-reel and five-reel formats – they do have unique themes and fairly strong presentation features, making them solid additions to any site. Some of the other games we enjoyed included:

  • Jolly Roger
  • Golden Dragon
  • Café de Paris
  • Diamonds and Pearls
  • Hunting Season
  • Shark Attack
  • The Mob
  • Soccer Challenge

Variety of Services Make For a Valuable Partner

If Tain isn’t really known for their games, then why do they have a fairly large profile in the iGaming industry? The answer is in the platforms that this company has developed over the years. These powerful systems can offer a complete solution to operators no matter what kind of site they want to launch.

Tain has developed sportsbooks, payment gateways, and extra services for things like bingo, poker, and virtual sports operators. When it comes to sports betting, they even provide their own odds service to set the lines, serving as a bookmaker so that the operator doesn’t have to. Most impressively, there’s the Tain Commons Platform that sits at the heart of all these services, running the back end and allowing clients to run all of their operations from a central service, even if they run different kinds of sites or several casinos.

Speaking of casinos, Tain also delivers a top-quality product in this arena, giving their clients an easy way to set up a new gaming site with a complete backend solution. Most impressively, the company has done a great job in developing partnerships with many of the industry’s leading providers to give operators access to a huge library of games. This includes many of the biggest names in the world of iGaming, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, and NYX. Even if they don’t have the games a client wants, other content can easily be integrated into the system.

Good Content, Great Systems

To really evaluate this company fairly, it is important to look at two different aspects of their business. In terms of their games, it’s fair to say that they are somewhere around average for the industry. The slots are all fine products, and they were actually a little more inventive than we expected, especially in terms of their thematic range. The graphics are solid, the gameplay is somewhat repetitive but offers enough features to remain interesting, and the games work the way they should.

But the real strength here comes when you look at what this firm delivers to its partners and clients. Tain will never be a name that is the darling of players around the world, because they simply don’t produce the kind of content that is all that memorable for users. But despite this, gamblers would do well to remaining this company and seek out their sites. Not only do they offer up a trusted, powerful platform that can include games from dozens of different providers, but they also offer a lot of the extras and other types of gaming operations that many players like beyond the basics of the casino floor. We’re happy to recommend Tain casinos to our readers.