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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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The fairy tale genre has been done to death, across all mediums it feels, and so when we got the call to review Well of Wonders we were less than happy. Nobody wants to have to give the same sort of critique of a gaming style they’ve seen many times over. Naturally it goes without saying that we got the outlook of this slot machine dead wrong.

We’d become so used to the industry and its predictability that we haven’t even thought for a moment that innovation could be landing in our laps. This is crazy when you consider that Thunderkick is one of the most forward thinking, modern slot machine developers in the business at present. They take the traditional and turn it on its head, a truth you’re about to experience in full whimsical glory.

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At the Base of a Tree

All stories start somewhere, even the most mundane tales have a location that is home to all the drama and action that resides there; in Well of Wonders it’s the base of an old tree. We say old, yet this tree looks as young as a sapling. That being said, the twists of its trunk give away the years that have passed by since it first sprouted through the earth.

The fact that we can see the texture of the bark, the lines of the grain even, demonstrates how much depth has been packed into this interface. There’s detail and then there’s detail. Such a simplistic background shouldn’t instill such wonder inside of us, yet we’re fangirling like children over what might happen next.

Fairy Dust

This wouldn’t be a true fairy tale themed real cash slot without a fairy, and so we’re pleased to say that Thunderkick follows conventions in same cases and has included one. The tiny glowing ball of energy can appear on the screen at any time, but when she does she’ll bring a shower of magic to your payouts.

You see, if she’s floating around and no matches are made, she changes all the lone tiles into matching ones, resulting in you getting a respin from the well and a multiplier increase. This may sound lacklustre, but considering there’s no reels and no winlines, this is a pretty big deal for users. We love that such a basic feature can mean such a huge difference in gameplay and outcome, so it gets a firm thumbs up from us.

Written in Stone

Seeing as we’ve now mentioned the big secret of the game – the lack of grid – we should really explain how everything works. Starting with the multipliers found etched into the well’s stonework. These multipliers are activated on every spin, however they won’t increase until you make a winning combination. Furthermore, they’ll only continue to rise if those wins keep coming in, if you fail to make a match, it resets to x1.

This might have you flying into a panic on how likely making a win is, but we’re here to tell you it’s a lot easier than the norm. Instead of symbols landing on active winlines and matching up to five times, you just need a three of a kind match, anywhere on the screen. True, you don’t get lots of icons showing up at once, but there’s enough to make winning regularly a possible occurrence.

A Goddess Among Mortals

As some of you may already know, we like to give you other slots out there that tick some or all the boxes of the experience you’re currently playing. This is good for two things: it helps you identify what you love and what you hate, and it means you always have another game to play. It’s a true example of a winning combination for all.

The thing is, finding a slot so like Well of Wonders is improbable and almost impossible, which is why we’ve decided to just focus on fairy tale slots that deliver just as much beauty. Forest Mania is one of these beauties we want to point you towards, for it delivers high definition imagery in a most unusual setup: instead of one grid there’s two. We appreciate it’s no magical well, but it’s a charged up slot that comes close to offering an innovative set of details, and so we love it.

Riding off into the Sunset

All tales must end, just as they begin, but with Well of Wonders you can return whenever you like. This riding off with your prince or princess doesn’t have to spell the end of magic throughout the kingdom, something we feel very strongly about. Puns, cliches and joking aside, this Thunderkick real cash slot is a sublime piece of creativity, and one we hope will be around in many years to come.

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