TopGame Online Slots

There is a lot of confusion out there today when it comes to the name TopGame. To understand why, it’s important to know that the online casino software provider business isn’t really all that unlike any other industry in a lot of ways. For instance, just as in any other part of the economy, you might occasionally see a company rebrand itself under another name for any number of reasons – but usually because they want a fresh start after having seen their old name lose credibility or consumer trust.

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That’s why the original TopGame really doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, they operate under the name Pragmatic Play, offering a series of games that are fairly standard fare for the industry, with the added benefit that they are offered in many unregulated jurisdictions, often including the United States. Founded in 2007, this company has a large collection of slots, table games, and video poker machines – again, nothing particularly innovative or outstanding, but a solid set of titles that are available in markets where few alternatives are available.

So why the name change? Over the years, the company developed a bad reputation for a number of reasons, with many players making complaints about their behavior. There have been a seemingly endless stream of rouge operators who appeared to have no intention of ever paying players, along with even more who may have intended to run a fair casino but found themselves struggling with cash flow issues, leading to delayed or failed payments. Throw in reports of questionable “bugs” – instances where there were wilds missing on certain reels of machines that required five-in-a-row wilds in order to win a progressive jackpot – and it’s easy to see why many players started to steer clear of casinos using software from this studio.

To make matters even more complicated, that’s not even the only company in the gaming industry known as TopGame. After they gave up the name, it appears that another group took up their mantle, providing casual, social games and free-to-play slots. For the most part, this page will focus on the company that originally used that name, but we’ve added a little additional info on the newer firm below in order to help you avoid any confusion.

TopGame Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Large Collection of Average Games

Whether you know them by the TopGame name or under their more current moniker of Pragmatic Play, this developer has created a rather large selection that covers most of what you’d like to see in a casino, making this the potential core of a gaming site. In particular, their slots suite is pretty extensive, including quite a few games that offer progressive jackpots.

Overall, you’ll find more than 75 different titles among the slots section here, and together, they offer up a rather diverse selection of themes and play styles. There are plenty of both three-reel and five-reel games, and while there are few truly unique themes, you’ll see quite a range, covering a lot of broad ideas that almost guarantee that you’ll find at least a couple that seem fun or interesting to you.

When it comes to presentation, we’d have to say that these games look bland, at least when compared to those of some of the industry’s bigger software providers. The artwork is all rather mediocre, never reaching the level of detail or artistry that makes these titles truly visually interesting. Most of what you’ll see is pretty static, too, without any animations to liven things up. There are exceptions to be sure, but even the best-looking machines don’t quite match up to the top titles coming out these days. We’re not saying they look bad, but they rarely put form ahead of function.

But enough about looks: how do these games play? Let’s look at a couple very different games to get a better idea of what you can expect from this collection. One of the most famous titles from this company is the simply named Bingo Slot. Available in a couple of simple versions, the most complex one is a 25-line, five reel format in which you’ll be tasked with matching identical bingo balls numbered 1-8 along with scattered and wild symbols. This game looks extraordinarily simple, as the play area just looks like a small bingo card. However, this marks it very sharp and stylistic, something that helps it stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, this title also comes with a large progressive jackpot that can be won if you hit five wild symbols in a row.

Outside of the progressive slots, one of the most popular titles from this studio is Sugar Rush, a slot that has spawned a whole line of games with slight alterations to this theme. The original features five reels and 20 paylines on which players can try to match cookies, candies, and other sweet treats in order to win big prizes. With stacked symbols, a free spins round, and a bonus that could earn you thousands of credits instantly, it is easy to see how this straightforward title found plenty of popularity over the years.

Plenty of other slots have survived the transition over to the Pragmatic Play branding, and are now found in many US-facing sites. A few of the better known games are:

TopGame also features a decent range of table games, though it isn’t as extensive a selection as you’ll see on many platforms. Blackjack is offered, though only in one “normal” form, as well as in a Double Exposure variant. There are also several versions of roulette, though they are only graphically different: each uses the standard European single-zero wheel.

Similarly, the video poker collection is small, though it does cover the must have bases that players tend to spend most of their time on. Titles here include:

Finally, the provider has also created a couple of specialty titles that are included in most sites that use this software. These include keno and a scratch card title known as Weed Whacker.

Well Known for All the Wrong Reasons

This is usually the part of our reviews where we spend time talking about the great partnerships a software developer has made throughout the industry, and what awards they have received for their great work. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here, as TopGame has built their reputation in a different and far less positive way.

As we’ve already mentioned a couple times, you won’t see any games that carry that name anymore; instead, the same slots are offered under the Pragmatic Play banner. This is probably due to the fact that the developer has such a poor profile among players and industry insiders that it felt it would be easier to start again under a new name than try to rebuilt their existing reputation.

Where did that public relations issue come from? There were a series of problems, some of which were more the fault of the company that others. For instance, many casinos that decided to use this software turned out to be little more than scams, refusing to pay players or delaying payouts for so long as to be completely unreliable. While you could argue that TopGame should have been more diligent in figuring out who they should work with, it’s still not entirely their fault that these other entities didn’t act in good faith.

On the other hand, the problems with their software lie directly with the company itself. Players often reported an assortment of bugs that made games and the software as a whole somewhat unreliable. Look around the Internet, and you’ll find reports of fluctuating balances, game options that didn’t work, and errors that cost players money with no recourse.

The most infamous example was a problem that affected several of the company’s progressive jackpot slots back in 2009. Games like Diablo 13 and Douguie’s Delights required five wilds in a row in order to win the top prize, but players noticed that there weren’t actually any wilds at all on the first and fifth reels, making it impossible to win. The incident got plenty of play in gaming circles, and though it was eventually fixed, the response from the developer was very underwhelming and concerning to players.

Questionable Past Makes This a Dangerous Bet

Given those incidents and others, it’s fair to say that most veteran gamblers who have been around the online gaming community for a while are hesitant to play on any Pragmatic Play site. We’re inclined to advise the same course of action. While some TopGame casinos appear to have been good throughout the years, there are just better options with better software – even before you consider the possibility that not everything is right with the company itself.

Of course, where you choose to play is ultimately a decision for every individual player, and if some of the games offered by Pragmatic Play appeal to you, it’s possible that you might want to try one of these casinos out. If that’s the case, just know that you’re doing so at your own risk, and it is probably best to start out at small stakes and see what you think before truly diving in.

The Other Group with the Same Name

And now, just to avoid any confusion, we should talk about the other developer that now goes by the name TopGame, and can be found at the website. It appears that this group is focused on the social casino and free-to-play games space, and doesn’t create titles for real money casinos – at least not yet. The developer works primarily on mobile titles, and was founded in 2010 by graduates of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

Why are we spending any time talking about this relatively unknown group that doesn’t work with real money gambling? Simply to make it clear that this is not the TopGame that is related to the incidents described on this page, and – as far as we know – has no connection with Pragmatic Play, either. If you happen to run into them in the mobile gaming world, it is safe to regard them as a completely separate organization – though one that perhaps has a slightly unfortunate name, given the older company’s reputation.