WGS Technology Online Slots

Most of the software companies we review have developed websites that are designed to show off their games and heap praise upon themselves. This makes sense, of course: most online casino software providers want to get as much exposure as possible, making it so that operators know who they are and convince players to seek out their games at a variety of Internet gambling sites.

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But sometimes, we find a company that isn’t just low-key – they seem to have no interest in providing information about themselves at all. That’s the case with WGS Technology, which has sprung into existence out of previous firms. At the time of this writing, the developer – based out of Antigua – doesn’t even have a functioning website, which is never a good sign.

That said, it’s not as though there’s no information out there about this firm. WGS is the latest incarnation of Vegas Technology, which in turn was once known as Odds On. When you go back that far, this group actually has its roots all the way back in 1998, when the company was really focused on payment processing. Given that most of that business was done with casino sites anyway, the group decided that it would be a smart idea to take a more direct role in the industry.

Today, the company is known for being one of the few larger developers that are still active in the American market. That means that you’ll find their games at a high number of US-facing websites, often featuring some interesting customization options that are designed by the site owners themselves.

WGS Technology Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Slots Focused, But More Games Offered

As with most of the larger software providers out there, WGS is mainly focused on creating slot machines. In fact, there are said to be more than 100 different games in their collection today, which measures up well against all but their biggest and best-known competitors.

Whether or not these games are of particular interest to you will depend a lot on what you’re looking for. Despite the name, you won’t see any dazzling technological innovations here: these are essentially “replacement level” slots, good enough to fill out a site reasonably well, but without anything particularly compelling that will lead many players to feel like they are missing something if these games aren’t around.

Let’s take a look at a couple titles that are representative of their overall offerings. First, there’s Cleopatra’s Pyramid, a five-reel, 20 payline machine that can be found at most WGS sites. The game features a mix of traditional slots symbols – card game ranks of nines through aces make up the basic payouts – along with more thematic elements, like sarcophagi, scarabs, and Cleopatra herself, who acts as a wild. Along with the standard free spins feature, there is also a bonus round in which you will turn over stones to unlock prizes, up until you reveal a snake, ending the feature.

If the gameplay could be described as run of the mill, we’d have to say that the presentation also comes in at the same level. The symbols are reasonably well designed, with drawings that are simple but distinct, getting the job done and being pleasant enough to look at. There are no animations, though, and the background is mostly just a single basic color. The sound design is bland, too, made primarily to simulate the bells and whistles you might hear on the gaming floor of a traditional land-based casino.

A similar story could be told about Wheel of Chance, a game that is clearly designed to be a clone of the popular Wheel of Fortune style games that are popular across the industry. This is a three-reel game with a single payline, making it the ultimate in classic slots action. You’ll be matching bars, diamonds, cherries and sevens, all in the hope of either hitting a huge payday or getting the bonus wheel on the win line. When that happens, you’ll be taken into a special round in which you can spin the titular wheel in order to get some more prize money.

These sound like pretty standard, acceptable games, and that’s really our point: you get a reasonable but unspectacular experience when you play WGS slot machines. One visually interesting aspect is that operators can change some of the graphics in order to create “exclusive” versions of individual games for their sites, but that’s really just a coat of paint on these familiar offerings. Here are a few more of the popular titles you might come across at various sites using this software:

WGS has also created a pretty standard collection of table games and video poker machines, though there are at least a couple surprises here that might be of interest to certain players. On the more mainstream side of things, there are games like blackjack (in several varieties, some with side bets), baccarat, craps, and roulette, which comes in both American and European versions.

For video poker, at least eight different machines are offered. Each of these comes in in versions that allow for up to ten lines of play, as well as a special “Bump It Up” version in which you can earn big rewards for stringing together multiple wins in a row. Some of the games offered include:

Finally, there are a few games that are unique to this software package, or at least are not commonly offered by most of the competition. For instance, there’s Poker Dice, a game in which you will roll five dice that show poker ranks on their sides and which offer prizes based on the hand you roll. Similarly, there’s Dazzling Dice, a game in which a five by five grid of dice are rolled each round in order to create a series of hands that might pay off with big rewards. Other options include Keno, Red Dog, and Mulligan Poker, a five-card draw game that pits the player against a dealer.

Little Exposure Outside of America

One issue that crops up when you don’t go out of your way to publicize your software is that there’s not much chance that you’ll be nominated for many awards or get much recognition from players or operators worldwide. In fact, if you look around the Internet, most of the talk about WGS is based on how if you didn’t know about their history under other names, you wouldn’t be able to figure out much at all about the company – at least one other site has even described them as “mysterious,” though we wouldn’t go quite that far.

Still, that lack of a reputation has meant that the company’s software hasn’t been picked up by a particularly high number of sites. Instead, they seem to be limited to a relatively small number of US-facing casinos, and that’s where their marketing has been focused as well – on picking up American players who don’t really have anywhere else to turn.

On the bright side, we can definitely say that the WGS software has improved dramatically since its days as Odds On. Back then, there were frequent issues with crashes or game errors, most of which seem to have been ironed out over the years. Today, the platform is typically released in both downloadable and instant play formats, giving players plenty of choices, all of which appear to run well for most users. Some games are even available through a mobile interface that you can access on your phone or tablet.

An Acceptable Option for Americans

Nobody is going to look at WGS Technology’s software platform and see one of the shining examples of greatness in the online casino industry. Many of the games feel aged, there are no standout titles that are looked at as “must-play” games for players, and the fuzzy background is likely to make some users shy away from casinos that utilize this software.

There’s no doubt that there are better options out there in most markets. Even in the United States, there are firms that have a longer history and stronger collections of games to offer players, including well-known groups like Realtime Gaming.

But all that being said, we have no particular reason to tell our readers to stay away from sites that run on the WGS platform. The games are perfectly solid, and if some of them appeal to you, the product here is reliable and dependable enough for you to feel secure playing on. It’s not our first choice, but this is still one of the better known and popular options in the US market.