World Match Online Slots

The universe of online gambling casino games is a large one, with hundreds of different software providers vying to get their games out to the market. Today, most of the biggest players in the industry are capable of giving operators and players a bit of everything: some great slot machines, a full selection of other casino options, a platform to host them on, and the ability to pass muster in regulated markets. Not everyone can deliver such a package, but the ones who can are highly sought out.

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One such firm is World Match. Based out of Malta, the provider first set up shop in 2003, and has been providing service throughout the world to online gamblers for well over a decade now. Unlike some of their competitors, however, they’ve been able to compete in a variety of different areas: while you’ll often see their games on sites that are operating in grey markets, they have also made strides to get their software out to regulated markets in Europe. In particular, this is a brand that has proven extremely successful in Italy, where they are found on dozens of different websites.

Today, the company offers up well over 100 different titles in a variety of gaming types, allowing their software to be the basis of a complete iGaming site. Their software actively allows this, helping operators to set up their own websites without having to do it entirely from scratch. In addition, all of their games are available not only on their no-download, browser-based platform, but also on both iOS and Android, making this an ideal providers for those looking to target the mobile market as well.

World Match Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Hundreds of Options, High-Tech Features

The World Match gaming suite begins with a marvelous selection of slot machines – more than 100 in total. These games are designed to offer up some of the highest-quality graphics you’ll see anywhere online: a high-definition experience that’s up there with the best looking slots in the industry. These machines also come with built-in social media sharing buttons that allow you to share your biggest wins and most exciting moments with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We doubt people will use this feature all that much, but it is still a great concept, and really makes these feel more like an experience you can share with friends rather than a solitary activity that is isolated from the rest of the world.

But how are the games? Covering a vast array of themes, the machines themselves are a lot of fun to play and offer up some innovative features that we haven’t seen in other titles. For instance, there’s Need for Spin, a high-octane, five-reel and 15 line machine that’s all about driving as fast as you can. The game takes place against a blurry background with a road that appears to be zooming by – a simple but effective way of pushing the racing theme of the game.

At its heart, this is a pretty straightforward game: you’ll be matching symbols left-to-right, including the poker rank symbols, a variety of car parts, and engines as the big money winners. Wilds, also dot the reels, as do tires that can get you into a free spins game and a bonus symbol that will put you into a racing feature where you’ll score bigger prizes for every race you win. One of the coolest features is the speedometer that appears on the right side of the reels: on every winning spin, it will stop somewhere between a 1x and 6x multiplier, with all your prizes being increased by that amount.

If you’re a fan of comics (or the seemingly endless string of movies that have been made based off of them), you might enjoy the Superheroes slot machine. This five-reel, 20-line title doesn’t have any official licensing, but there are plenty of familiar looking faces and logos that are more than a little reminiscent of some of the greatest comic book heroes of all time: Batman, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Wolverine and others are all instantly recognizable for fans. A free spins game gives players 10 additional plays on the reels, while a special bonus game will have you putting together full superhero faces until you earn a guaranteed win.

For a slightly more fantastic time, you might want to give Into the Woods a try. Okay, this isn’t based on the Sondheim musical, but it does feature some beautiful forest scenery, complete with animated animals like squirrels that liven up the action. You’ll be matching a variety of plants and animals in order to win prizes, all of which have a high-end animated look to them – similar to the pseudo-realistic look of characters in a Pixar film. There are 25 lines of actions on every spin, with bonus games and free spins with doubled winnings also available.

Those are just a few of the more notable titles in this expansive collection of games. Not every single title has production values that are quite as high as the ones we’ve discussed, but even the lower-end games in the collection are pretty comparable to the quality you’d find from better known developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. A few more of the games we really enjoyed include:

It’s important to remember, though, that there’s a whole lot more to this collection than just slots. There’s also an extensive table games collection that begins with a dozen different roulette options, though there are really multiple versions of four different games: American and European roulette along with two other games known as “Fair Roulette” (which looks and plays similarly to a European game) and “Timer Roulette,” where games will take place on a set schedule, with a new spin every few seconds.

While these games are in their own area of the collection, the rest of the table games are bundled together. Here, you’ll find a nearly endless supply of blackjack and baccarat games, with minor variations in each individual title. You’ll also find a cache of other casino favorites and proprietary creations, including:

The collection is rounded out by a dozen video poker machines, which once again include a mix of some classics with others that are original creations. Options here include:

Platform and Partnerships Make for a Popular Provider

While the games that come from World Match are of a high quality, that alone doesn’t explain how they’ve been able to get into so many casino sites over the past decade. After all, there are still other providers who can match them in game quality, while offering an even bigger variety of games to clients.

However, there are a couple things that World Match has in their corner that not everyone can boast. First, there’s the Cloud Gaming Center, which is essentially the platform on which operators can run their casinos while gaining access to the company’s games. What’s really interesting about this is that it all runs on a cloud-based system, which means that operators don’t even have to go as far as downloading software in order to take advantage of the games, the backend, the banking systems and the anti-fraud protections they have developed.

That’s an excellent start, and it is only enhanced by the fact that the company has made deals with many other top software firms that have brought their games to the platform as well. Partnerships with groups like Amaya, Microgaming, and NetEnt have greatly expanded the options offered up to operators who choose this software, making it all the more appealing. That goes for players, too, who can enjoy a wide range of slots and other games.

Popular in Italy, But a Good Choice Anywhere

World Match has the software and games library to be one of the most prominent names in the business. However, they haven’t quite achieved the notoriety of many similar competitors who offer other all-in-one casino products.

This is mostly due to the fact that they simply aren’t available in as many countries as some of the other top players in the industry. As we said earlier, their biggest target market is Italy, and we suspect that most Italian players are more than familiar with their offerings. But when you step outside of the country, it becomes a lot harder to track down their games. Not impossible, by any means: they do work with a decent number of casinos that work in grey markets, though you won’t find them in the United States, or in some of Europe’s other major regulated jurisdictions, like France and the UK.

Still, if this is an option that’s available to you and you haven’t tried it yet, then we think you should definitely give World Match a try. You may not be as familiar with this name as you are with some of the competition, but this is one of the better options out there for operators and players alike.