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The Greek gods are a popular theme in the online gambling industry. We’ve seen no shortage of excellent (and not so excellent) slot machines built around the legendary Pantheon, as the names of these deities still resound with audiences today. So if a single game can be named after these mythological figures, why not a whole software company?

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That’s exactly what Zeus Services did. Better known as Zeus Play, this company was formed in 2011 in Blagoevgrad, a city in Bulgaria. That makes the developer one of the growing number of software providers to come out of that nation, many of which have made waves in the industry in recent years.

Today, the company has managed to get their games into dozens of different casinos around the world, with their products appearing in a mix of regulated and grey market jurisdictions. Strategic partnerships have helped with this growth, getting some of their offerings into areas that are harder to reach, including African markets like Nigeria. The group has worked on a full range of products including lotteries, retail terminals, and live casino gaming.

Of course, we’re most interested in what this studio has to offer when it comes to online casinos. Thankfully, they are no slouches here, either. With the ability to help operators build an entire gaming site from the ground up and more than 50 games that can form the core of a great casino, this is a company that has gained a lot of fans in just a few short years.

Zeus Play Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Slots from Classic to Exotic

As we expect from almost every software platform we look at these days, the heart of the Zeus Play portfolio is a large collection of slots. What’s interesting here is that there are a lot of different kinds of games included under this heading, ranging from some pretty interesting three-reel games up to plenty of mainstream five-reel options and some games that offer up even more action on every spin.

Let’s start on the simple end of things with one of the most popular games in the lineup: Butterfly Classic. This is one of several Butterfly machines, but the original is still our favorite. This is a three-reel, eight-line game that has you matching a variety of flowers a bugs, with the butterfly being the most valuable symbol of all. Much like playing tic-tac-toe, you can win here by making matches of three in a row (or any number of ladybugs, which are sort of this game’s answer to cherries) anywhere on the grid, as every possible line is accounted for.

For extra prizes, you can also win bonuses any time two or more butterflies appear anywhere on the screen – up to 1,600 instant credits if you find nine. You can also earn bonuses if you fill in the entire grid with any other symbol, or various combinations of bugs and flowers. There are no free spins games or bonus rounds, but we love how this game manages to create depth simply by giving you a lot of different ways to form wins on one simple screen.

Given the Greek origins of the company’s name, we thought it would also be appropriate to highlight on of their slots the covers the same ground: Trojan Horse. This is a bit more of a straightforward, conventional game, featuring just nine lines over five reels. You’ll be set with matching poker ranks, shields, helmets, warriors, and Helen of Troy herself, not to mention the gigantic wooden horse that lends its name to the machine.

That horse does double duty, as it acts as a wild that can win some rather big prizes. However, it can also allow players to enter a free spins round where they can take advantage of 10 free games. Unlike the actual horse, there are no surprises here: this is a pretty standard slot machine, with no extra bonus rounds or anything like that.

For something just a bit less conventional, check out Princess Chintana. You may have never heard of anything like this before, but it is no typo: you’ll be playing over a massive nine-reels, even though there are only ten paylines for you to win on. The lines don’t stretch all the way across the reels: we’re still looking at five positions on each line, but there are lots of possibilities, as all paylines pay both backwards and forwards.

The game features a Native American theme, which is brought out not only in the wilderness backdrop and the chants that play during every spin, but also the symbols: you’ll be matching headdresses, tomahawks, wolves and the titular princess herself. A campfire acts as the wild, as well as the gateway into a free spins round that can earn you up to 20 bonus plays. The gameplay itself may be pretty simple, but the unusual format definitely makes this one you’ll want to play at least once.

Other games take other unusual formats. In Mad Cubes 25, you’ll be tasked with matching dice over 25 lines on four reels – something we’ve rarely seen in other software programs. Different symbols offer the opportunity for you to win big rewards, especially if you can match four in a row, and all of your wins are doubled if you’re lucky enough to cover all 12 positions with the same kind of die. Once again, this is a game that doesn’t really have many special features, yet it somehow manages to offer up plenty of replay value and variety thanks to the unique structure and the multiple ways to win.

We could go on and on about all of the games in the Zeus Play collection, but the four we’ve described should give you a great idea of what to expect throughout their lineup. A few more games that we really enjoyed include:

Full-Featured Software Attracts Plenty of Attention

Over the past few years, Zeus Play has found itself included in more and more casinos, with many of them either existing in regulated European markets or being targeted to specific markets on the continent. We’ve seen their games based in Armenia, Greece, and Belgium, with many other sites running their software in jurisdictions that allow access to grey markets, such as Curacao, Malta, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

The reason this platform can fit into so many different segments of the industry is thanks to the highly customizable tools that this provider gives to operators. With a range of different design options, complete backend tools to help with the day-to-day operations of a casino, and a complete payments and payouts solution, this makes an excellent place to start an iGaming site. In addition, the exclusive content provided by Zeus can also be supplemented by games from other providers, as both the platform and the games themselves are designed for easy integration. For players, the result is that you’ll never really have to settle for games by Zeus Services: instead, you can enjoy their games alongside those of many other studios.

This company has also been a regular at some of the biggest gaming conferences in the world, and has actively let its fans know where they can be found. For instance, they heavily advertised their booth at the 2017 International Casino Expo in London, putting themselves front and center in front of the industry and players alike.

Inventive Games Available to Many Players

The collection of slots provided by Zeus Play doesn’t quite make our list of the best in the world, but they still intrigued us. They’re unusual, inventive, and engaging, which are characteristics we don’t see enough of from software providers today. Sure, you won’t find the hottest graphics or a lot of fancy features in these titles, but the studio has still managed to create slots that remain interesting for a long time, something many companies struggle to do.

Given that these games probably won’t appeal to everyone, we would struggle to recommend them in a vacuum. Luckily, we don’t have to: we haven’t run into any casinos that rely solely on this software alone, meaning there will always be other options open to you if you’re just not feeling this developer’s style. But if you’re looking for something a little different from the ordinary, Zeus Services makes some excellent options that might just break up the monotony of your casino play.