Android Slots

The Android operating system has proven to be a worthy competitor to iOS and it is quick and intuitive enough to make it perfect for playing slots online. Casinos and developers have been quick to take advantage of the excellent user interface to develop a wide range of Android slots for a mobile casino experience. The touchscreen capacity seems as if it was made for playing slots, and it provides a more engaging experience than playing online, with the added convenience. Here’s our quick guide to Android slots.

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the Android slots gaming scene, and we’ve tested and reviewed a huge sample of slots games to come up with our recommendation of the top five real money Android slots sites:

Android Slots v Online Slots

So what the difference between Android slots and online slots you ask? In reality there is very little difference to the appearance of the slots, and if you are used to playing online the transition should be fairly easy. Most large online casinos have an Android app or a mobile version of their website and players will find that they can transfer easily between desktop and mobile using the same account.

So for the main difference, you will need to either download the app to your phone or device and install it or play on through your mobile browser on their mobile friendly website. Most providers’ apps are not accessible through the Google Play Store, due to Google’s stance on gambling apps. In order to play on these apps you will need to download the app directly from their site before you can use it. Do not do this unless you have thoroughly checked the reviews of the casino and are completely happy that what you are downloading is legitimate and free of malware. Finally – some Android settings do not allow users to download apps that are not in the app store. Use this guide by Cnet to get around this. Don’t be put off b this – It’s really easy to do and is completely normal -we have been doing it for years. If you happen to have an account with the casino you should be able to log in with your usual account details and start playing. Otherwise you will need to open an account by following the onscreen prompts.

The most noticeable difference is in the gameplay. Android slots take full advantage of the touch responsiveness of the device, and all inputs are via touch. The swiping/dragging action required to pull the lever and set the reels spinning makes for an exciting and engaging gaming experience; much more user friendly than using a mouse.

Playing for Free

We’ve got a wide selection of free and no deposit Android slots in the dedicated bonus section of the site, and you should take the time to browse through our pick of the best free slots around.

The great thing about Android is that apps can be installed and deleted very quickly, and most Android slots can be downloaded and played for free before you need to sign up or register. The app will be loaded up with free credits and will play much like a normal game. Of course, you are limited by the amount of real money you can win this way, but it’s a great opportunity to test out a variety of different sites and games to find the ones you like before you risk your own cash.

Playing for Real Money

There are also plenty of casinos that offer welcome bonuses that you can take advantage of when you start to play with real money, and we’ve put together some of the best offers, promotions and sign-up bonuses right here. Nothing beats the thrill of playing for cash, and we’ve checked and reviewed a host of Android slots to weed out the bad from the good and bring you only the most highly recommended real money Android slots apps.

Our advice is to take the time and read the reviews and our ratings for a variety of Android compatible sites. Try downloading some apps, visit some sites of creditable casinos and test out the games with play money to start with so you can get used to the interface and the gameplay. When you decide to register with a particular site, check for the available offers for new customers and make sure you take advantage of any bonuses.

Is Android Safe?

Smartphones still seem like a relatively new technology, but the first mobile phone slots were around as far back as the year 2000 on WAP-enabled devices. Many people use Android devices for everyday activities like online banking and shopping, and in reality it is just as secure as using the internet on a laptop or a PC. Some would even say Android provides an extra level of security as it isn’t susceptible to hacking.

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