Garden of Amazon Jackpot Streak Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Garden of Amazon launched on the very same day as another Jackpot Streak game, Sparkling Royal, and adopts a completely different theme while retaining all of the special gameplay. Indeed, the game and the series have taken land based players by storm with the unique combination of outstanding features, jackpots and more, not to mention the latest generation of graphics and features. They all add up to some essential gaming and we simply have to mention early on that if you get the chance to play one of the games in the Jackpot Streak series, then you should grab that opportunity with both hands!

If the games haven’t landed near you yet, or you simply want the same kind of action on a more convenient basis then we’re on hand with absolutely everything you need to play online. Garden of Amazon itself, together with the other titles in the range, are not planned for an online launch any time soon although if and when that happens then you can be sure of finding out about it first right here at Mr Gamez. In the meantime, you’ll definitely want to check out our carefully selected online alternatives that offer just as many features and even higher pay out rates. That said, we’re mostly concerned with the game itself here so let’s take a look at what Garden of Amazon has to offer.

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Garden of Amazon Jackpot Streak Theme

One thing that must be said about Garden of Amazon is that the graphics, animations and sounds all combine to make for one of the most advanced gaming experiences out there. Even without taking any of the features or bonuses into account, this is clearly a high quality game and we’d recommend giving it a spin even if it’s just to see all the work that has been put into the aesthetics. The theme itself is relatively simple and ties in nicely with the name of the game, with various jungle icons plus customised playing card symbols. All in all, it adds up to a true stunner.

Gameplay and Prizes

The graphics on Garden of Amazon are special and we could fawn over them all day, but things get even better when it comes to the gameplay and prizes. If you like the chance to win big with many options to set the game up exactly to your liking then you’re definitely in the right place. For starters, this game has a wider range of potential win lines than many other games. You can, for example, play over the standard twenty win line pattern, or bump that up slightly to 25. However, if you really want the full experience without leaving any potential prizes on the table then you’ll want to go up to the full 88 win lines – a stunning amount given the use of the conventional five reel board.

We simply cannot have a section on the available prizes without focusing on the progressive jackpots. Progressive games were sorely lacking in the Aristocrat range for a while, but that has now been remedied in full and the Jackpot Streak range features some of the best progressive games in the world. Of course, we can’t say exactly what you stand to win as it grows all the time, but if you’re lucky enough to hit the Grand Jackpot then you should be aware that it starts out at $5,000 and only continues to grow from there!

Features and Bonuses

Unlike many progressive games, where the chances of winning are completely random and could happen at any time regardless of what takes place on the reels, Garden of Amazon is slightly more predictable – although not necessarily any easier to win! It all boils down to the bonus round, which is launched by two full reels of Jackpot Streak symbols in view. There, you receive six spins, but quickly accumulate more as not only does a winning spin award a prize, it also adds a further spin to your total.

The aim of the game is consecutive wins as the more times you win in a row, the better the rewards thanks to the meter. From modest multipliers on the first spin, you have a shot at the Minor, Major and Grand progressive prizes on the third, fourth and fifth winning spins respectively and even if you miss out, there’s still a multiplier of up to twenty times available as a consolation. This is why we always suggest playing for the full 88 lines – a tiny win on the 88th spin could be the one that takes you to five in a row and the thousands of dollars in the top jackpot.

As noted in the introduction, you won’t find Garden of Amazon at any online casino, but that hasn’t stopped us putting together a truly outstanding selection of alternatives. Whether you like huge features, progressive jackpots or quality animations, we’ve got something for everyone and you can check our selections out for yourself on the dedicated Garden of Amazon Jackpot Streak online alternatives page here at Mr Gamez.