Indian Moon Cash Explosion Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The Cash Explosion series from Aristocrat is pretty much brand new but has already attracted the attention of players in their native Aussie market who enjoy top class gaming, excellent features and some of the biggest and best prizes that the industry has to offer. In many ways, Indian Moon and its sister titles have everything that you could possibly hope for from an Aristocrat game, by mixing up their traditional graphical style and some tried and tested features with extra jackpots, Reel Power betting options and plenty more. At the time of writing, the game is only available in the land based clubs and casinos of Australia and it remains to be seen whether it makes it to international or even online markets. However, if you’re looking for the kind of action that Indian Moon has to offer then you’re in the right place as you’re at Mr Gamez, the home of the very best online alternatives to Aristocrat slots! From the all-time greats right up to the modern day, we’ve got the kind of online action that is closer to the original game than you might believe and you can find our selection for Indian Moon on the dedicated page here on the site. Of course, you may simply want to see what the game is all about and we’ve got you covered there too – read on for all of the details concerning exactly what Indian Moon has to offer.

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Indian Moon Cash Explosion Theme

One of the best things about the new Cash Explosion series is that while all of the games share plenty in common, they are also different enough that you may well find Indian Moon alongside Eyes of Fortune or one of the other titles in the series and can switch between them for a different gaming experience. As always, one way in which the titles differ is in the theme and graphics, and here you’ll encounter plenty of Native American imagery on the reels. From the chief to the wolf and much more besides, the icons are just as detailed as we’ve come to expect in recent months, and a range of animations and sound effects serve to enhance the action immeasurably.

Gameplay and Prizes

Indian Moon is one of the first Aristocrat slots to make use of the Reel Power Plus system, and as any experienced player will tell you, that means plenty of winning combinations on each and every spin. In many ways, the game ticks absolutely all of the boxes for everything that you would hope for from a slot, and it all starts off on the reels themselves. Simply opt for the one or two cent variation and then crank up the coin bets until your reach your desired stake. At that point, you’re good to go, ensuring a simple but highly effective experience that is welcoming for players of any budget.

As for the prizes, they are where things get really interesting. The Cash Explosion series is based on regular pays from the main board, which are then joined by the four different jackpot amounts. You could be on the receiving end of just a few dollars, or could be striking it rich with more than $10,000 – as they say in the casino industry, it’s all about the luck of the draw. Fortunately, whether you hit a jackpot or not, you still have every chance of making it big as the return to player percentages on the Cash Explosion games are among the biggest around.

Features and Bonuses

You’ll almost certainly be wondering just how you go about winning the jackpots and it’s actually pretty simple. You’ll notice that the symbols on the fifth reel often have sticks of dynamite attached to them – hence Cash Explosion – and those sticks can ignite, leading to a separate screen round. There, you’ll find twenty sticks of dynamite to choose from and basically have three strikes before you’re out. The different sticks will reveal a credit amount, a jackpot or a strike and the objective is to pick up one of the jackpots by matching three of the relevant symbol. The round ends when you discover three strikes or hit a jackpot, at which point all of the credit amounts that you’ve discovered will be added to your balance, alongside the jackpot too if you’re lucky!

Some games sell themselves solely on the jackpot but fortunately that isn’t the case here as you’re also in for free spins as an added bonus feature. You can go for higher spins with lower multipliers or vice versa, meaning that players that enjoy longer rounds or higher impact wins will be equally thrilled with what Indian Moon has to offer.

As noted, Indian Moon is currently an online exclusive. The theme has plenty in common with Indian Dreaming, one of Aristocrat’s older titles, and we encourage you to check out that game if you’re in a country that allows online play of the developer’s games. If not, then we’ve got some other great online alternatives to Indian Moon that will be right up your street – you can find them in full and available for no deposit play right here at Mr Gamez!