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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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We often choose to compare our Aristocrat slots to others in the range, usually to give players that are already fans of certain titles a head start on knowing what to expect. When it comes to Miss Kitty, comparisons are made somewhat more difficult as while it’s a completely original title in the range, you don’t get too many chances to see pink cats on the reels. Some elements are familiar, including the layout of the screen and the bold, simple symbols, but even so it’s visually something of an anomaly. Nevertheless, the action comes thick and fast and there are even a handful of unique features in play, so it definitely comes recommended. If you’re in an area where Aristocrat games are available online then you can even play at home. If not, then we’ve got some great alternatives at the end of the feature which, as always, bring the very same magic to the reels even though the game is under a different name.


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Miss Kitty Theme

So, when it comes to visuals there’s definitely only one place to start. Big eyes and a pink face are the characteristics of Miss Kitty and she appears so often on the reels that you’re certain to have that image in your head for a while after you’re finished playing! Fortunately, Aristocrat hasn’t gone overboard with the pink cuteness and the rest of the icons, while related, are a little more conventional. Balls of yarn and windup robotic mice are two of the more notable symbols, and they’re backed up by the standard playing card icons.

Gameplay and Prizes

The visuals are no standouts on their own, but things start getting special as soon as you place your bets. Miss Kitty packs in an impressive fifty win lines, so the wins keep on coming on just about every spin. Big combinations aren’t all that means either, as a coin bet of between 1c and $4 means that players of any budget can be pretty sure of placing their preferred stake. Naturally, prizes reflect that bet and the symbols to look out for, aside from those in the features section below, are the aforementioned yarn ball and windup toy. As with most games with this many win lines, they pay slightly lower than their 25 line counterparts, but when you’ll scoop twice as many lines worth of prizes then you’ll barely notice.

Features and Bonuses

The win lines are a highlight, but the features on Miss Kitty are even better. When it comes to Aristocrat slots, you’ll want to hit the feature rounds as often as possible as that’s where the big wins are to be found. Miss Kitty is absolutely no different. For starters, Miss Kitty herself is a feature. She’ll fill in as a wild card and also appear in stacks that can fill up entire reels. While she will only appear on the second, third and fourth reels, she can still be fully responsible for dozens of wins on a single spin. She’s joined by the moon symbol, with three or more launching ten free spins that can be triggered all over again within the round itself, although adding spins in such a way will only put five on the total. Miss Kitty becomes even more special during her own bonus round, as in addition to coming in stacks, she’s also sticky and will stay wherever she lands for the rest of the spins.

Miss Kitty is a unique game with unique features, and any opportunity to play over fifty win lines is always welcome in our book. You’ll find the original at our recommended Aristocrat partner casinos as long as you’re not in one of the company’s designated blocked territories. However, if you are, then you don’t need to miss out as we’ve got four great alternatives for you to enjoy that use the same win lines, similar themes or even both at the same time! Check them out now on our full Miss Kitty alternatives page here at Mr Gamez.