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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you’ve been playing Aristocrat slots for a while then you may well have come across the company’s The Bullfighter slot. Now, as the name suggests, The Bullfighter Returns and he’s bringing some brand new action with him in one of Aristocrat’s latest standalone releases. While the original game was something of a filler slot – meaning one that didn’t really introduce anything new and was designed more with regular players in mind – this game has been redeveloped with a specific audience in mind, that being the high rollers of the clubs and casinos of Australia, although more on that below.

The fact that the game has been launched with something of a niche market in mind means that we’re unlikely to see it launched for an online audience. However, Aristocrat is by no means the only company to design specific high roller slots and that is just one factor that we have considered when putting together the best online alternatives that are excellent gaming choices for players in Australia and beyond. As always, we’ll throw even more details on those alternatives your way at the end of this feature, but first we’re going to see exactly what The Bullfighter Returns brings to the table and why it appeals so strongly to the biggest bettors in the clubs and casinos of Australia.

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The Bullfighter Returns Theme

With a name like The Bullfighter Returns, Aristocrat definitely did not leave themselves with much wiggle room in terms of the theme itself. In many ways, this could almost be considered to be a part of their Legends series, as it looks almost identical to the original. The featured characters are of course the bullfighter and the bull itself, which are joined by gold coins, guitars and the ever present playing card icons. Effectively, the game is simple but effective and in fairness that is all that it needs to be as the unique aspects of the game are contained within the betting options.

Gameplay and Prizes

If you’re more familiar with the original game, then you’ll be in for a treat immediately as this title features a full twenty more win lines, making for 25 in total. While the rise of Reel Power games and even more extravagant betting options is very real, this is perhaps the best known line up from Aristocrat over the years and successfully keeps things simple, just like the graphics.

While you’ll almost certainly be used to Aristocrat slots or pokies that offer one and two cent variations in your local gaming club, that is exactly where The Bullfighter Returns sets itself apart from the crowd. Indeed, the values here are far bigger, with fifty cent and $1 versions being the order of the day. As you would expect, this means that the game certainly isn’t for everyone and you’re most likely to find the slot in the high roller areas rather than the standard slots section of your favourite venue.

High bets do of course mean high prizes though, and you’ll never be short of a win or two on this one. At the very top end of what you stand to win are the three jackpot amounts which are displayed at the top of the cabinet. As with every Aristocrat slot, they update dynamically depending on your bets but they start off at a cool $1,000, ensuring that they’re always worth winning regardless of your stake.

Features and Bonuses

The other way in which The Bullfighter Returns succeeds in keeping the focus on the stakes rather than detracting from them is in the features. In fact the bonus round has barely changed at all since the original release and is delivered once again as free spins. The correct combination of scatters will launch the round as always and while there are only eight free spins on offer, they come around with extreme regularity and with the stakes being what they are, you don’t need us to tell you how easily the prizes can add up. A wild card is thrown in too and is available during both regular and free play, adding even more to the winning combinations.

It is fair to say that The Bullfighter Returns is a basic slot, although we certainly mean that in a good way by all means. If you prefer playing for the minimum stakes then you’ll want to steer well clear, but if you want to place some of the biggest bets possible then this is the game for you. It’s likely to remain an Aussie exclusive, meaning no direct high roller version online. However, we’ve picked out the best online slots for high rollers, complete with free spins, jackpots and more and you’ll find them all, together with the very best places to play, on our dedicated The Bullfighter Returns Alternatives page, exclusive to Mr Gamez!