Tiki Torch Slot

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100% up to $200 Full bonus terms

FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS AT Jackpot City Casino

100% up to $200 Full bonus terms

FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS AT Jackpot City Casino
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The Legend of the Tiki Torches says that whoever has them will become rich beyond their wildest dreams – and that is why an anonymous collector is willing to pay you some serious money to find them, in one of the best free online slots available.

Imagine yourself as a kind of Indiana Jones character as you find clues to the whereabouts of the Tiki Torches, before collecting items that you need to progress on your journey – all of which you’ll get rewarded for in this online Aristocrat video slot. Your employer will also happily bestow bonuses on anyone who takes him a step nearer his dream of holding the Tiki Torches.

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Light My Fire

The flaming Tiki Torches may have been used to ward off evil spirits in the era they were created, but finding the eerie wooden idols, that seem to stare right through your soul, will certainly light your fire when you see the rewards available for finding them. If fire is not your thing, try a water themed slot game.

Tiki Treasure

Start by finding and deciphering the lettered and numbered clues that are strewn across this ancient land and you’ll be rewarded with between 400 and 60,000 times your stake for finding between 3 and 5 matching symbols. These symbols will then take you one step closer to finding the Tiki Torches and the untold riches that come with them.

However, the journey to the destination of the Tiki Torches is fraught with danger, and finding daggers to protect you and your party should be high on your list of priorities – and they come with a 200,000 reward for finding 5 of them. You’ll also need to locate some huts to shelter from the cold nights and the variety of wildlife that lurks in this dangerous kingdom. After a good night’s sleep you’ll need to commandeer some canoes to take the treacherous trip down the river – but at least you’ll be 100,000 richer for every 5 huts or 5 canoes you find.

Finding the 5 Tiki Torches is your ultimate goal though and 500,000 awaits for anyone who is successful. Beware that the Tiki Torches may go wild though – but this is great news, too, as they will substitute for all other symbols except the Scattered Pearls when they do so – creating even more ways to win!

Also keep an eye out for those Scattered Pearls as each one multiplies any paying lines.

Tiki Treats

Tiki Torch is a real treat for any would be explorer as it lets you choose a variety of stakes to suit you whether this is your first “Indie Style” adventure or whether you’ve been tackling dangerous adventures all your life. You can play 1-20 lines on any spin, and you can stake each line from 2 coins right up to 200 coins – allowing a minimum bet of 2 coins a spin and a maximum bet of 4,000 coins a spin. If free slots are a regular pasttime for you, check out our Social Casinos review.

Holding A Torch

A great adventure is backed up by some serious payouts for those who want to hit this adventure at full throttle – and many adventurers are going to be holding a torch for this game for a good while yet!