Amazon Wild Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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My oh my, we’re about to take on the Amazon in this 5-reel slot machine from Ash Gaming, and boy is it shaping up to be a busy real cash slot to play. Not only is there medium variance to be had, most prominently from the bonus round, but there’s a very in your face theme to deal with.

The brand behind this intense game aren’t the biggest in the industry, in fact you may have played their games before and not been aware of it, but one thing is for sure: they always deliver. Some may even say they go out of their way more than the bigger labels because they feel they need to prove something. True or not, we’re game to see what they’ve got to offer in Amazon Wild.

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Where to Look First?!

When we type up our reviews, we often comment on the theme of the game, for it’s an important part of what makes a slot good or not. But with this title, we just had to discuss it because it’s pretty darn hard to miss, in fact, even those visually impaired may be able to see the mix of images going on here.

Ash Gaming have certainly gone out of their way to make an impression with the 4×5 matrix of their game, for not one millimetre of it isn’t covered in some form of image. There’s making a game immersive, and then there’s killing off players sight with too much variation; we literally don’t know where to look, which doesn’t help when you need to focus on those reels. This is one of those times when less is most definitely, 100% more.


Even though it may take you some time to find it, there’s a bonus icon upon the reels that will need to be joined by a further two, three or four for the feature game to begin. Unlike in many other video slots where you get free games, here you get a more interactive level, in the form of a pick me selection.

A map will appear in front of you, and on it you’ll need to tap on the ruins highlighted; there’s different ones to choose from, all of them offering up something slightly different. Depending on how many of the scatters you obtained, you’ll be allowed to pick three, four or five prizes. Not to worry if you don’t get many chances, for you’ll have won a staple cash prize upon matching the symbols, priced between 4 and 2,000 credits.

All the Sights

Paytables usually have different sections to them, unless you’re working with an extremely compact slot machine, but in Amazon Wild the symbols are broken down into three groups: Animals, Birds and Flowers. Not only does that make navigating the interface easier, but it also means that you have an obscene number of tiles to interact with, 12 in total, and that isn’t including the bonus or the wild.

From our personal experiences, and from what we can make out from the information provided, the animal symbols will always reward you more money then the following two sets. What is more, the big panther, sleek as it is deadly, is the most generous of them all with 1,000 credits to its name (an amount that isn’t affected by what you bet). At the other end of the scale you have a leafy plant that gives no more than 30 credits, a reasonable but lacklustre amount.

Primal Calling

There’s something so authentically primal about the grid of Amazon Wild that we can’t help but enjoy every spin of the reels, even though it hurts our eyes to play. Ash Gaming have done a great job of making this a most absorbing and creative title, which means that we come back for seconds rather than moving onto greener pastures.

If you’re looking for a fairly modern title, with a low pay-in and reasonable wins, in addition to some special features, then you’ll find no better than this. There are plenty of alternatives if truth be known, some of which are less hectic visually speaking, but we’d say this one would likely win us over every time.