Cash! Bang! Wallop! Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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All the money and all the exclamation marks feature in Cash! Bang! Wallop!, a quirky 5-reel slot from Ash Gaming that breaks every rule in the book. If you thought innovation was dead within the realm of video slots, just wait till you’ve clapped eyes on this baby.

If you’re wondering what all those bangs and wallops are, that’ll be the fireworks detonating overhead. Though with the London skyline, including Big Ben, in the background, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were witnessing an alternative history in which Guy Fawkes succeeded with his gunpowder plot. The game takes place within a curious honeycomb grid that lends the slot much of its personality.

It’s not quite a 5×3 layout because the reels alternate between 3 and 4 lines in order to create the honeycomb effect. This looks strangely disjointed at first, but that’s only because you’re accustomed to seeing reels neatly lined up with everything perfectly square. Once the action commences, this unorthodox format works surprisingly well.

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Look Right

The value of any wins generated is displayed in the uppermost right hand corner of the screen, while the game controls are neatly tucked away below the reels. There are supposedly 118,700 ways to win at Cash! Bang! Wallop!, a meaningless statistic, but an intriguing one nonetheless. Due to the game’s unconventional layout, there aren’t paylines as such, or if there are, there are 118,700 of them. The minimum bet can be set at 0.10 and a maximum of 500.00.

In execution, Cash! Bang! Wallop! has something of a Candy Crush vibe to it, with the aim of the game being to match adjacent symbols that will set in motion a chain reaction, generating explosive wins all across the board. There’s an autoplay option and paytable link sited below the reels, while audio and graphical controls can be found in the top right of the screen, concealed behind a discreet icon.

Not so Subtle!

You wouldn’t expect a game called Cash! Bang! Wallop! to be subtle, and sure enough, this slot fairly packs a punch with detonations and sparkles across the board ensuring there’s rarely a dull moment. If you’re familiar with your fireworks, you’ll have no trouble identifying the various rockets, roman candles and catherine wheels as they go boom-boom pow in kaleidoscopic colour.

Super fireworks are the best fireworks of all, resulting in bigger detonations and huge chain reactions. If Sparky decides to ignite these oversized rockets that appear on the reels, they will turn numerous symbols wild, which will typically generate a flurry of wins across the board. Chinese bangers and catherine wheels are just two of the fireworks that will act in this manner the moment Sparky lights the touchpaper. Sparklers can change up to four nearby symbols wild, and roman candles will do the same by shooting a flame up to four symbols high.

Creating Fireworks

The game’s scatter symbol comes as a box of fireworks marked ‘BONUS’. When it appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 it will trigger the Firework Win Streak Bonus. Each crate contains five fireworks which Sparky will light to create wilds. After five fireworks have been lit, another crate will be awarded, this one even more potent than the last. The aim of the game is to ultimately build a bomb, resulting in the mother of all detonations.

When there are no more fireworks left, the Win Streak Bonus will end. The maximum number of consecutive turns you can receive in this bonus game is 25. All of the action that goes down in Cash! Bang! Wallop! is orchestrated by the mischievous Sparky McFlame, a natural born pyro if ever there was one. The spirit of Guy Fawkes is alive and well in this twisted firestarter who just wants to watch the world burn.

Explosive Stuff

Cash! Bang! Wallop! is very different and very entertaining. Ash Gaming have a history of pushing out slots that break the mould – see their Batman series as an example – and this odd little game is another example of that. Once you get used to the honeycomb board and get a feel for how the exploding rockets instigate chain reactions, you’ll swiftly take to this noisy 5-reel slot.