Gin Joint Jackpot Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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It’s time to brush off your overcoats and don your trilby hats, as we’re about to go back to the roaring 20s in the glorious 5-reel slot machine that is Gin Joint Jackpot. Presented in a vintage looking matrix, displayed inside of a virtual slot machine, this is one of the brand’s more notable aesthetics.

Don’t let its looks deceive you though, for there’s a lot of variance crammed into this small looking grid, and we don’t just mean a selection of free spins. Then you have the big jackpot of the entire game, helping to make that gin wash down a little bit easier. All the brand asks is that you can stomach the occasional mob hit, and some swinging jazz as you tap your way to the end of the evening.

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There’s a lot that we could say about the theme and design here, for Ash Gaming have gone for a typical yet unconventional aesthetic to portray the 1920s. Instead of opting for photorealism, they’ve gone for Art Deco illustrations, yet the mood and tone they’ve set is just as intense as any 3D offering. In fact, we’d argue it’s more so; there’s something so foreboding about the grid.

The choice to have it all delivered inside a slot machine casing is an unusual one, and one that we can’t say we’re a fan of; it takes away from the design rather than enhancing it. If Ash Gaming had incorporated their control panel more, and done away with the hard silver edges, they’d have had a show stopping theme on their hands.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The main point of interest when you’re playing this real cash slot is the Detective vs Villains Bonus round, which triggers when you get the detective on the first reel and then some bad guys on the remaining. If you just get one without the other, you won’t activate the feature, and so the entertainment will be greatly reduced (though it’s fun to watch a one sided shootout).

The game is very simple, though that doesn’t make it easier to play. You shoot as many of the Big Boss’s grunts as you can before getting to the big man himself. You can do this one of two ways, either play manually and have full control, or let the detective do all the work for you. No option guarantees a win, and should your aim be terrible, you might just want to automatically play this one out…

During this feature, the gun will eventually power down while you reload, which of course means that you’re exposed. Bearing that in mind, it might do you good to make every shot count, though if you’ve given up control in favour of the software, all you can do is look on and pray. Should you take down the Boss, and get three barrels whilst doing it, you get the GIANT jackpot.

Barrel of Laughs

The barrels that link to the progressive jackpot, always shown at the top of the gaming screen, unless you’re in demo mode, can only be played in the bonus round. Therefore, you only have a small window of opportunity to be in with a chance of winning, and even then it’s a tiny chance (due to the statistical likelihood of landing the feature in the first place). However, you can help the process along a little, and that’s by increasing your bet: the more you play with, the higher your odds of getting the barrels inside the feature game.

A Round of Cards

There’s a gamble feature you can relish when you’re playing this game, and it’s one that isn’t as boring as you might think. We’re so used to seeing this option when we make a win, that we predict the layout and style of the round before it’s even begun; most of the time we’re right, but sometimes we’re wrong. Here we were wrong. The double or nothing has a noir flourish, with themed cards and a beautifully fluid layout. You may have played a card game before, but this is one of the more attractive.


When it comes to Gin Joint Jackpot, gin doesn’t have to be your drink of choice, for the action on these reels is enticing for even the most t-total of people. We loved it, and would definitely recommend it as one of the brand’s better slot machines, though in truth many of their games fall into that category. They’re an underappreciated brand, but boy do they turnout some exceptional titles.