Hawaiian Treasure Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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There are various destinations around the world that we long for, especially when the summer months have left us behind and we’re craving better weather. One of the most popular, and commonly mentioned, is Hawaii, home of sand, sea and lots of sun. This holiday hotspot might be right round the corner from you, or miles away, but no matter where it is, most of us never get to visit. That’s a darn shame.

So why waste money booking the flights when you can play Hawaiian Treasure from Ash Gaming? Okay, we get it isn’t quite the same as visiting for real, but if you’re introverted and/or simply hate flying, this is one of the better options available to you. Oh, and you can win some cash prizes, sometimes as much as 1,000 credits.

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So Long Paytable!

We stumbled upon a clever feature of this real cash slot purely by chance, while we were in between spins and just allowing our cursor to linger over the grid, information for each symbol popped up. At first we thought it was a fluke, but when we tried others low and behold, we got all the paytable info without even opening it up.

Such a design trait might sound trivial, but believe us when we say that anything to make your gaming experience easier is a win in our minds. We’ve played way too many slots where we’ve had to pause the reels simply to check out what combo equals what; yawn, how boring. With Hawaiian Treasure you get continuous action, with some handy tidbits on the side.

Flower Power

Having seen many depictions of Hawaii across popular culture, we have an idea of what it looks like – or what we think it’s meant to look like – in our heads. We see lots of flowers, grass hula skirts, olive skinned women and coconut bras. This online activity delivers that in abundance, which may be stereotypical but also surprisingly comforting.

However, even though Ash Gaming have gone out of their way to create an interesting array of images, we can’t help but feel like the design is too busy, overzealous even. It’s not as overwhelming as some interfaces we’ve seen, but it comes in quite close – you just don’t know where to look, as there’s so much to see. Still, the overall effect is a pleasant one, and so we can’t complain about unduly. But please note that if you’re of a minimalist disposition, you won’t like what’s shown here.

The Mask

What is it with creepy looking masks? In Buffy the Vampire Slayer it reanimated the dead, and in The Mask in changed Jim Carrey’s character into a complete lunatic. In Hawaiian Treasure the result isn’t as memorable, but it still triggers a specific event unique to its existence. Being awarded free spins may sound rather dull, but there’s a bit more to this feature than simply getting 12 waves and then playing them through.

Prior to the round, you have to choose three out of five masks, with each of the ones you reveal being the symbols that will only appear inside this feature. Therefore, what they reward is all down to what you select, which is both exciting and scary – pick low value ones and your experience is going to be less than ideal.

Treasure or Junk?

Hawaiian Treasure may look the part, but it doesn’t play the part well; there’s so much missing from this real cash slot that we can’t help but be dismayed. This should have been an enticing game, but what it is is a small variance activity that uses its looks to get all the players. That’s fine, but it doesn’t make for stimulating gameplay, nor does it keep gamers returning; after one punt, you know all the ins and outs of the reels.

For saying that Ash Gaming took the time to make such a detailed interface, you think they could have put more details into their feature game. We know they have it in them, you only have to look at Firemen to see that, but we guess that it wasn’t meant to be this time round. Such a shame.