Heart of the Frontier Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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We’re back in the wild west when we play Heart of the Frontier, a deliciously western real cash slot machine that has guns and ladies in equal measure. And man are these ladies ready for a showdown – these aren’t some helpless lovelies that need rescuing, they’re likely to kill you sooner than look at you.

Sporting special expanding wilds and the potential to unlock some free games, this 5-reels and 20 winlines slot machine isn’t offering much in the way of variance. Nonetheless, before we resign it to the scrapheap and move on, we’ll give the game the benefit of the doubt and have a round or two. What’s one shot going to do anyway?

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Big Ladies

This may sound like a potential insult, but we’re speaking very factually when it comes to the layout of this game – a lot of the symbols, mainly the women, are a lot larger than the remaining tiles. Even though many of them fall into this category, it’s only two of them – the sheriff and the outlaw – that hold any special value; all the others seem to be simple paytable icons.

Should you get one of the larger tiles though, then your wins will be more bountiful due to the number of squares on the matrix that the icon is taking up. Bigger combos mean bigger wins. Sometimes you will be raking in as much as 500 credits just for the wild symbol, which isn’t a bad amount considering how low the pay-in is.

Ladies, Please

The two main guns of this game are women, and they’re women who are eager to fight. However, unlike in Gold Rush Showdown where a genuine fight (that you control) actually takes place, here you just get free games should they both appear on the reels together. There’s still a shootout of sorts, but it’s not nearly as immersive, and so we’re a tad disappointed.

You’ll need both ladies for the round to begin, with any additional expanding wilds locking into place for the rest of the feature. Once every spin is out of the way, any of the symbols remaining will now shoot one another until the bitter end, with the victor remaining in place when the base game begins again. Like we said, it’s okay as far as a bonus goes, but it’s not the best that Ash Gaming could have delivered.

Dangerous Games

Playing games with feisty women is the fastest way to get yourselves hurt or even killed, and when it comes to these ladies, they don’t mess about. And yet you have no choice but to tangle with them when you place a punt, and so you’ll have to endure their hard exteriors for the remainder of the game.

The fact that this slot machine is so hard to beat makes it a challenge that only a few gamers will want to attempt. Usually the brand seems to be average with their difficulty levels, allowing for equal opportunities of wins and losses, but here that’s not the case. Here you fight tooth and nail to get what’s yours, and even then it might not be as satisfying once you obtain it.

Gimme a Boost

Sometimes when we’re gaming, taking it easy just isn’t an option, even more so when you have reels that don’t land you regular wins. And so we turn to Turbo Mode to get the party started. This option can be found in the settings section of the screen, where you’ll find the monetary values where you place your bets. It won’t rock your world, but it’ll make enough of a difference that you won’t be hanging about as much as you was before.

Heartily Disappointed

This is the first Ash Gaming slot where we’ve not enjoyed yourselves, and sadly, there’s no exception to that statement. Heart of the Frontier is flat, lifeless, and without variance. Take it from us, if you need a cowboy gaming hit, or just a slot machine in general, try Gold Rush Showdown. It’s a much better title, and is sure to secure you more victories than this game does.