Monty Python and the Holy Grail Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The Merry Men of Robin Hood need to move aside, as the knights of Monty Python and the Holy Grail are on a quest from Ash Gaming. This online casino title may be based on a cult classic film, but it by no means just relies on that to get it through – it has a lot of game features to deliver us. This free Monty Python and the Holy Grail slot might just be a winner…!

The film, having been released back in 1975, has amassed many fans since it aired, mainly due to the often silly antics of the characters within the story. Even though we can’t watch as the knights get mauled by rabbits or have cows thrown at them, we can be entertained by the medium volatility of this amusement with prizes. However, we would say that only those familiar with Monty Python will find this movie themed slot of worth, for those not versed in their comedy might find the references a little… weird.

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Realism and Animation

One of the signature markers of any Monty Python sketch is their partnership of illustrations and real day scenes: it makes them recognisable and ultimately unique. Although mirroring that level of creativity is no easy task, this software by Ash Gaming has managed to do an exceptional job. The 3D graphics look as good as the film itself, probably better due to the HD quality of the interface.

Play for real money punters are given an illustrated background of woodlands, while the medieval matrix is laced with drawn and photo realistic images alike. We’ve seen similar in other pokies, but they’ve never worked out as successfully as this, arguably because the subject matter wasn’t right for it. Here it’s perfect. Another positive for this Monty Python and the Holy Grail video slot.

Raise Your Shield

When you’re ready to get stuck into the battles of this online slot, and have decided upon your high limit bet, you get attempt to conquer the reels by playing for the scatter symbols. These come in the form of a shield, and should you get enough of them, you shall be taken to a mini game in which you can be rewarded with high-paying prizes. It all seems so professional and respectable… until you see the modifiers available.

You see, as this is Monty Python, and based on their film, you get extra stacked wilds that are farted onto the grid, or you get extra symbols included because of nuns getting spanked. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at that pay table. In total, there’s 12 extras to access, though most of you play for free players won’t see them all in one playthrough. For someone to win them all, you’d have to be a high roller with a lot of cash, and time, to spare.

Believe in Love

If you’re wanting to move the action elsewhere, but to another slot machine that gifts its punters unique comedy, then you’re best trying The Love Guru, developed by iSoftBet. There’s 30 win lines inside the gameplay, making it as flexible and as varied as that of the Holy Grail, however the max bet is much lower at just 30 coins rather than 750. For that fee you get a bonus and some free spins, though never a gamble feature, which is what Ash Gaming gives us too. So far they’re both very similar when we compare them.

Where they start to tail off from one another is when it comes to the aesthetics; although they’re going to be different, given the films, Monty Python’s work much better than the overwhelming images of The Love Guru. Of course, if you like one film over the other, it’s likely the interface design won’t bother you much at all.

A Cinematic Experience

What more is left to say about this free Monty Python and the Holy Grail slot machine – we’ve said a lot already! We’ve covered that there’s medium variance, that there’s some naughty features to trigger, and that the betting fee can be low or high depending on how you punt, if you punt at all. Surely it’s all been covered by now?

This 5 reels themed online activity is a great title to add to your collection, whether you’re new to the community or a seasoned gamer. The only time we feel that this slot won’t resonate is if it’s with someone who doesn’t appreciate the comedy that’s been translated from screen into your homes. We’d give this free online slot a four star rating, due to how adaptable the pay table is, and how much fun you can have.