Rubik’s Riches Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Indulge in a game of Rubik’s to win big. Twist the colourful cube to match winning combinations, trigger bonus features and freeplays along with a 40,000 jackpot. Rubik’s Riches is a slot release from Ash Gaming – the company who love to create unique and very different online slot machines for you to play.

So, technically Rubik’s Riches isn’t a slot machine – it’s a game you play to win heaps of cash. Place your bets from as little as 0.10 to a maximum of 10.00 – twist the cube and try to match the colours to win big. Indulge in some unique 3-dimensional retro gameplay thanks to Rubik’s Riches. Will you manage to trigger the bonus and get your hands on freeplays or extra cubes? It’s time to find out.

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Unique Design

Rubik’s’ Riches is like a retro arcade machine. On your screen, you will find a line payout grid to the left – this features the 18 different ways that you can hit a win. Each section of the grid offers a cash prize – this will change as you adjust your bet. To the middle of the screen is where the Rubik’s Cube sits – this colourful 3D fiddly game will wait until you activate the game. To the right is where you will find the face payouts, bonus information, freeplays and your win and total bet.

To the bottom of the gaming screen is where the control panel sits. You can change the audio, increase and decrease your bet, initiate the auto play function, activate turbo mode and play manually.

Colourful Wins

There’s a maximum cash prize of 40,000 to be won – this is awarded when 18 of the same line colours are reached on the cube. High value wins are; 10,000 for 16 matches, 2,000 for 15 matches and 1,000 for 14 line colour matches.

How to Play and Bonuses

Rubik’s Riches is a fast-paced game that requires you to do nothing but select your stake and play the game. Use the adjusters to get to your desired bet then press the play button. The message bar will flicker to the lower of the screen encouraging you to have a go. It takes less than 3 seconds from pressing play to reaching game over – that’s how quickly the games are played in standard mode.

There are prizes on offer for line colour matches and face matches – the bigger coming from the face payouts. The top right of the machine shows the prizes you could win and how – the biggest is 10,000 for a 6-colour face match.

The good news is that there’s a bonus on offer. Light all 6 letters of the Rubik’s logo to the top of the screen to trigger a bonus. Peeling off the coloured stickers on the cube will award freeplays or extra cubes – and extra cubes means extra prizes. You can get your hands on up to 9 extra cubes – each of which can award up to 40,000.

Similar Games

If you love retro arcade style slot machines, you will love the Slotris slot game from Ash Gaming. Match a complete grid of coloured patterns, (just like you did when playing Tetris) to hit big high scores and receive big cash payouts. If the blocks reach the top of the gaming area – it’s game over, but there’s huge amounts of cash and fun to be had whilst playing the unique Slotris game.

Crack the Code

If you’ve ever played a Rubik’s cube, you’ll understand how frustrating they can be and Rubik’s Riches from Ash Gaming is exactly that – frustrating. This high variance slot game requires you to play for long periods of time before triggering a win of any kind – this can put a hefty dent into your bankroll. When we played, we were playing maximum stakes of 10.00 and only managed to bag a 15.00 win after almost 25 attempts at the cube.

High rollers will need to have a bankroll that can withstand losses because you will certainly go long periods without winning a single thing. Like to play fast and furiously? Hit the yellow turbo mode button and the games take less than 2 seconds to play out. The Rubik’s cube won’t disappear and come back into view like standard gameplay, it will flash on the screen to produce its final outcome.