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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Revisit your youth in the thrilling Slotris slot machine from Ash Gaming. The modern take of the classic Tetris game will leave your wanting more. Win up to 40,000 as you match and eradicate the shapes on your screen.

Ash Gaming are no strangers when it comes to nostalgic slot machines – Space Invaders is just one of the classics on offer for you to play, but Slotris is something completely new and totally unique. Technically, Slotris is not a slot machine, it’s a game where you can win up to 40,000 by playing a simple game of Tetris.

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Taste of Nostalgia

No doubt, you will have played Tetris at some point in your life and do you remember what it required you to do? You had to complete lines of 10 block via the various shapes in order to clear the screen. If the shapes reached the top before you manage to clear them, the game would end.

As you clear the screen, your score will add up – and basically that’s what you have to do in the Slotris game. Whilst there are no reels or paylines, you can play from 0.10 up to 10.00 and you can even trigger 10 free plays with a 2x multiplier.

Shaping Up

On your screen, you will find the Slotris logo to the left in vibrant colours and a 5×4 grid beneath it. The grid is separated into 4 columns; singles, doubles, triples and quads. Each column shows you the amount you can win by matching those shapes. Use the control panel to adjust your bet, the more you stake, the bigger the cash prizes you can win.

Just off centre, you will find the gaming area – this is where the shapes fall and your game plays out. To the right is the information panel which shows you how to trigger free plays, your amount of free plays, winnings and stake. Use the control panel beneath the reels to select your bet, view the instructions on how to play, initiate the auto play function, select the slow mode and set the game in motion.

Matching Wins

Big stakes will return big wins, so bet maximum stakes of just 10.00 and you will be able to win up to 40,000. Match four lots of quads in the gaming area to hit that non-progressive jackpot.

Quads return the biggest cash values closely followed by the triples. Doubles and singles award the lowest cash prizes.

How to Play and Bonuses

Playing Slotris is simple. Select your stake, select whether you want to play fast or slow, then press play. The gaming area will fill up automatically with different coloured shapes and when full lines of 10 are created, you win! The amount you win will be shown in the table to the left of the gaming area.

When lines are formed with a magic block (different coloured block), 10 free plays will be awarded. These free games will play out at your original stake and any wins accumulated during the free plays, will be doubled. The good news about the free plays is they can be re-triggered over and over.

Similar Slots

Tetris is quite an unusual game to create a slot machine out of, but Scientific Games have recently announced that they are to recreate the Nintendo classic into a slot machine that can be found on casino floors. That’s good news for casino enthusiasts, but bad news for online slot players. The closest we could get to a similar slot machine is Space Invaders from Ash Gaming – you can blow the aliens out of the sky with the mighty cannon to win big cash prizes.

Our Verdict

Big kudos to Ash Gaming because we absolutely love the Slotris slot machine! Whilst there may not be a lot of bonus features on offer or reels to spin for that matter, being able to play the Nintendo classic online for cash prizes is superb. Both the graphics and sounds are crystal clear and you can win big cash for small stakes. Slotris appeals to players with small budgets because the maximum stake is set at just 10.00 – but the winning potential is huge.