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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Have you ever watched Doctor Who, or a series of a similar genre, and wanted to travel through all of time, maybe even space, in a bid to experience historic moments. Even though we won’t be able to physically go into the past, we’ll be able to pretend when we play Time Machine from Ash Gaming. There’s a few games scattered throughout the universe of a similar nature to this slot, like Time Machine by Cryptologic, so alike that they even share the same name.

This particular real cash experience has an amazing amount of features, five in total, and that’s only the bonus levels and not the base game specials, like wormhole scatters. Seeing as there’s so much choice, this type of activity is aimed at those who want to be constantly kept busy, not knowing what’s going to appear on the matrix next.

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Technological Advancement

As you’d expect with a slot machine based around travelling into the past and savouring the different eras of our rich history, you get a technologically advanced game that has all the necessary equipment to make hopping about in time a reality. Ash Gaming usually develops titles with an attractive interface, but this is probably one of their most stimulating, and not solely because of visuals.

The grid is set out in a 3×5 format, that much is true, but then every single space upon it is packed with vibrant colours and quirky images, like the swirling wormhole and the glowing plutonium. The latter of which is very important to the gameplay, but we’ll get to that a bit later on, for now let’s resume with the exciting details of this flamboyant machine.

A Collection of Moments

Getting to those unique moments in time is a lot harder than it looks. There are a lot of hoops you have to jump through, each one feeling harder than the last. The reason for this is that you need to collect 10 plutonium jars, which is tough going in itself, and then once you’ve done that, you have to wait for at least three wormholes to appear. It took us many attempts before this happened to us, but finally we were taken back to the Jurassic period, where we had to choose an egg filled with money.

Thereafter, we then proceeded back into the base game, only now our location has changed to that of the bonus round, and so the process of collecting plutonium will start all over again. Each time you jump through the wormhole, you’ll be taken to the next bonus round, collecting artefacts as you go. It’s highly interactive, but it’s a long-winded process, meaning you have to have a lot of money in order to commit to such a timescale.


Should you tire of time travel, and you probably will after all that jumping back and forth, you can always sample the delights of Haunted House from Playtech. This modern video slot has a lot of spooky goings on for you to investigate, all inside the comforting format of a 3×5 grid. What is more, you’ll be given the same number of winlines as what you’ve been given here, making the transition from one brand to the next, and one theme to the next, all the easier.

Just out of Reach

One of our main concerns with Time Machine is that it offers a lot of features that you simply won’t gain access to during one playthrough. We went at the gameplay hard, spinning time and time again, and only ever experienced one of the five bonus rounds before our money ran out. That’s okay if you have an endless supply, but most of us just happen to have a normal eyeday income, meaning prolonged gaming is costly.

This is an exceptionally detailed and beautifully developed slot machine, and we don’t want to say anything to the contrary, but it’s one that requires a lot of dedication, which isn’t always convenient for those wanting a relaxed experience. You can’t just walk away from this game once you get started…