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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If stars, sun, moon and planets are aligned, there’s a bumper win waiting for you in Zodiac Zillions. The astrological slot mines horoscope symbols to great effect in this cheerful slot from Ash Gaming. There are many ways to spin a slot that riffs on the occult and Ash Gaming have chosen to make theirs sun-kissed and ultra bright.

With a cheerfully grinning sun that could be straight out of the Teletubbies, Zodiac Zillions doesn’t look like a game modelled on the occult. Ash Gaming have elected not to explore the darker side of magic, electing instead to keep things civil and unthreatening.

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Black Cats and Blue Skies

Zodiac Zillions is one of Ash Gaming’s earlier efforts, released when the British developer were still mastering craft. That accounts for why the graphics can charitably be described as basic and less charitably as rubbish. It’s not the end of the world – a slot doesn’t have to feature mind-bogglingly good graphics to pass muster – but it certainly cheapens the feel of the game.

For some people, astrology is serious business: believers will make major life decisions based on what their horoscope says. For others, it’s just a bit of harmless fun. Whatever your motivation for playing Zodiac Zillions, there’s fun to be derived from spinning its five reels, despite the game’s aesthetic shortcomings. Zodiac Zillions is a 20 payline slot with a minimum bet of 1.00 and maximum cost per spin of 200.

Crystal Ballin’

The playing card symbols, worth a maximum of 150 for five, look naff, but then so do the themed symbols including the smiling sunshine, saturn, crystal ball and scatter symbol, which manifests itself as the game’s logo. Wild is played by a black cat with a moon and turreted house in the background and is worth 10,000 for five. It will also substitute for all of the regular playing symbols except scatter.

There are all kinds of symbols with special roles to play in Zodiac Zillions, like saturn and the other planets which form the Comets Game. With these, each planet will be assigned a random value worth between 500 and 2,00 for five. Then there’s the crystal ball which will glow various colours to determine the value of the multiplier you’ve won. Five crystal balls with a multiplier of 4-5 can be worth up to 8,000.

Zodiac Killer

To kill it in Zodiac Zillions, wild and scatter are your likeliest paths to riches, but Ash Gaming have had the acumen to incorporate a few ancillary features to keep things fresh. One of these, Reverse Play, surfaces in several of the company’s slots. When no lines contain scatter or wild symbols, your wager will win. In practice, this means you’re betting against the odds of you landing a desirable symbol.

Animations, audio and graphics are all below average in this game, but there’s nothing wrong with the bonuses that have been built in; the colour changing crystal ball in particular is a nice touch, as is Reverse Play, which is best used for livening up dull stretches of play when nothing’s going your way. The graphics do buck up a bit when you reach the bonus game, incidentally, which calls for selecting a star sign and then watching as Aries rams and Pisces symbols frolic across the galaxy.

Other Star Performers

The first game that springs to mind by way of a similar offering is Amatic’s Lucky Zodiac. It’s a better looking game and one whose theme is almost identical. Horoscopes and the occult were tailormade for slots, and there’s no shortage of similar games to Ash Gaming’s Zodiac Zillions.

Zodiac Supernova, for instance, is an entertaining effort from V. Fusion and then there’s Zodiac Wilds by Amaya which features 50 paylines and free spin multipliers. Roundstone have also gotten in on the act, releasing the simply titled Zodiac Slot.

Unlucky, Zodiac Zillions

Zodiac Zillions isn’t the sort of game you’d go out of your way to track down – it’s not good enough for that. There’s nothing wrong with its wild or scatter bonuses though, or with any of the game’s other features for that matter. Unfortunately, due to the low-key symbols and all-round style, Zodiac Zillions is unlikely to earn itself many converts.