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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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There has been a real shift in dynamic when it comes to the world of real money slots lately, as there has been a massive of rush of games hitting the shelves. Through this it’s become clear that anyone with coding means and financial backing is looking to take advantage of the growing online casino market. One brand that has taken this exact approach is Atronic. Not much is known about this developer, outside of the fact that its reputation really isn’t all that great. Known for delivering poor, low-budget titles, the brand has another offering up for grabs in the form of Crazy Fruits.

As a developer, Atronic has annoyed players more than it has inspired them to pick up and play. With Crazy Fruits, the brand is making an effort to right the wrongs of the past, but judging by what we’ve seen of it this game it doesn’t even come close to reaching its goal.

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Far from Juicy

You really can’t paint this game any other way, as Crazy Fruits just looks awful. We are by no means being harsh when we say this either, as this game is sloppy mess as far as graphics are concerned. Theme wise, we would probably put it into the old school fruit machine bracket, but even this part of the game lacks direction. The backdrop is a horrid looking green, with odd-looking fruits darted all over it. Honestly, Crazy Fruits is a painful game to look at, as Atronic has cut pretty much every corner here.

The symbols used actually make this game less enjoyable, as they flitter between the poorly designed and the outright cliché. The fact that Atronic couldn’t come up with something better than this really is shocking.

Rotten to the Core

When it rains its pours, as the gameplay in Crazy Fruits is at times snooze inducing. While we have certainly come across our fair share of basic slot games over the years, what little action they offer tends to come with zero pizzazz to give the on the reels action a boost. It’s safe to say that across the 3 rows, 5 reels, and 20 paylines of Crazy Fruits that added oomph is certainly missing.

Betting wise, the game’s lowest total wager is 0.20, while the max wager here is 1000.00. The betting range is actually rather good in Crazy Fruits, but that is an all too seldom rare plus point in this game.

More Hits Than Misses

The more that this review rumbles on the worse things seem to get for Crazy Fruits. As we scramble to figure out if this game has any redeeming qualities at all, we are pretty sure that we won’t find what we’re looking for in the bonus features here. Reason being, there simply aren’t any to speak of. Yes, the usual scatters and wilds are thrown into this game, along with a tacky looking gamble game, but that is pretty much it.

No mini-games, no side-games, no bonus rounds, the replay value of Crazy Fruits is low to say the very least. If Atronic wants to be taken seriously by players and rival developers alike, it simply must do better than this.

Basic by Default

Rounding off this brutally boring game is a control system that, while looking shoddily put together, does at least do a half decent job of handling the game. The simplistic looking buttons are spread out below the reels, with wager control and auto play setup being largely stress free.

To be honest, when it comes to the controls, we can’t decide if they are designed with the game in mind, or that the game is just so basic that Atronic couldn’t actually get things wrong if they tried.

Crazy Fruits Is Nothing but Cringe Worthy!

We’re here to give you honest scoop on the games we review, so there is absolutely no way we can give Crazy Fruits a free pass. This game is bad (and we mean really bad) in pretty much every department. The theme is practically nonexistent, the graphics are sloppy and dated, the gameplay is as lackluster as it gets, and the less said about the bonus features here the better.

Atronic are forging a reputation in the industry, but it is far from a positive one. Poor quality game after poor quality game has emerged from the brand as of late, with Crazy Fruits being no different to the rest.