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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Having been given a name like Explodiac, full title Explodiac Maxi Play, it’s natural for so many to anticipate a 5-reel explosive ride towards the jackpot. However, while bombs are involved throughout the gameplay, little is hard hitting about this compact, low volatility slot from the Bally Wulff.

Despite there being a distinct sense of minimalism and plainness surrounding the aesthetic of the game, this retro style real cash slot still has some winning quality hidden inside its 20 paylines.

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Lighting the Fuse

When it comes to the design of the title, Explodiac is very plain looking, having chosen to utilise a more vintage set of graphics rather than modern ones. That being said, while the style is a little lacking, there’s something charming about the familiarity the game breeds – users can be comforted by seeing recognisable symbols and controls.

Presented on an orange and brown theme, with muted flames crackling in the background, you feel this pull towards tradition, to a time when gaming could be seen as much simpler and yet equally satisfying.

The 3×5 grid is a setup that nearly any walk of slot machine player can adapt to, even those new to the community. Furthermore, the rigid rules of the 5-reels and between 10 and 20 winlines makes this a title one that inspires adaptability.

Bombs Away!

Due to its lack of extras, Explodiac can feel like a dull way of passing your time, and yet there’s one redeeming feature that is sure to see the money rolling in, turning you into a high roller, and that’s the bomb.

Unlike the regular symbols on the matrix that take up one square, the bomb tile takes up four, with it exploding upon impact. When this happens, the symbols that were there will be transformed into wilds, with as many as nine able to be affected at any one time. If that happens, a serious amount of money can come pouring in; during our playthrough, when this happened, we got wins adding up into the thousands.

If you should opt for the Maxi Play option, the likelihood of these bombs appearing will be increased by x2, essentially rewarding you for your taking on an additional risk factor. Surprisingly, the brand doesn’t list its average RTP, but from our experience it seems to be an infrequent occurrence. You have been warned.

Ramp It Up

As already touched upon, there’s a widget upon the control panel that can make all the difference in the variance of the game, and that’s the Maxi Play. The original Explodiac didn’t have this feature available, and thus the action soon dried up and became rather unsavoury, but here you can tap the button and add a new level to your experience.

When the mode is active, not only will the button glow, but ‘ACTIVE’ will appear, in green, above the Maxi Play part of the game’s title, further informing you of the game you’re experiencing. From personal experience, the wins didn’t trigger any more than normal, however the wins were doubled when they did appear.

Climbing the Ladder

Bally Wulff have included a gamble feature at the end of every win, which is split into two different options: a ladder style double or nothing, or a virtual card game one. The latter option is the one most commonly seen in online slots, with gamers having to guess the suit of the face down card. The ladder format is more interesting, but also slightly more complicated; from what we gathered, players need to simply tap the ladder icon for the sum of money to be chosen.

In all honesty, it seems that what should be a simple mini game, has been made more complex due to a lack of clear instructions. If you wish to know the full ins and outs of the round, you have to go into the information section of the paytable, which hinders the convenience of the gameplay.

Pop and Fizzle

Explodiac Multi Play isn’t the explosive game it sounds like it should be, and thus a lot of disappointment will eventually come along with the gameplay. The lack of features, save the double gamble and the bomb, make it a low variance slot machine.

Nonetheless, despite having obvious negatives, the wins that can be claimed are on the larger size, thus ensuring there’s some form of pay-off for your bet and perseverance.