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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Fancy some fruit? Not the messy sort you have to peel, but the seamless sort you have to spin. We’re talking fruit machine fruit, the best type of fruit of all. Slots developers have long been enamoured with fruit symbols, the citrus ones especially. Lemons and oranges take pride of place in Bally Wulff’s Fancy Fruits, a straightforward slot that’s a whole lot of fun.

Don’t let the name of this game mislead you: there are no fancy fruits to be found here. If you’re expecting to encounter a slot filled with starfruit, passionfruit and lychees, you’re in for disappointment.

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The Fruits of Your Labours

Deliberately simple and clutter-free, Fancy Fruits is an ideal introduction to the world of video slots. If you’re a fruit machine newb, this would be the perfect gateway slot, providing a juicy taster of the delights that await once you advance to more complex and immersive games. There’s not a whole lot going on with Fancy Fruits, but don’t let that take away from the fact that this game can be a whole lot of fun.

There are just five paylines to Fancy Fruits and a line bet that can be set to result in a maximum bet of 10.00 per spin. It ain’t much, but there’s nevertheless some healthy sums to be won in the game. There’s an autoplay function but no ability to select the number of spins it completes on your behalf.

Climb That Ladder

The object of the game couldn’t be simpler: match identical fruits on the reels and, any time you notch a win, use the gamble feature to bolster the amount. You can plump for the card gamble or the ladder gamble. While both of these offer the same odds, the ladder gamble is the one that at least conveys the impression of more control. Win 10 on the base game, for example, and you’ll be given the chance of converting this into 15 on the ladder. It’s easy to notch up a couple of correct gambles in a row, but beyond that it feels like you’re just chancing your luck.

Cherries and lemons are the lowest value symbols followed by oranges and plums which are worth 150 for five. These fall short of grapes and melons, worth 600 for five, and finally red 7s which are worth 3,000 for five. If you’re expecting to find wilds and scatters in this game, think again. These symbols were never built into traditional fruit machines, and Bally Wulff have certainly kept things traditional here.

On the one hand, this means that there’s very little to do apart from hit spin repeatedly and wait for a win to arrive. This can be an interminable process. Despite each spin costing no more than 3, it’s possible to blow 70 credits without winning so much as a morsel. Every slot must pay out eventually, but in the meantime you’re going to require some saintly patience. That or a willingness to enable autoplay and go boil the kettle. The trouble with this is that with autoplay activated you can’t use the gamble feature every time you win a sum.

No-frills Fun

As a no-frills slot, there are heaps of similar games to Fancy Fruits you could try. The closest slot to this medium variance game might just be Bally Wulff’s Explodiac Maxi Play, a game which is more enjoyable thanks to the wilds that are prone to detonating all across the reels.

Other classic slots that aren’t too dissimilar to Fancy Fruits include Playtech’s Purple Hot or Reel Classic 5, also by the same developer. Sizzling Hot 7 by Novomatic is also a good shout.

Fancy Some?

It’s hard to be overly critical of Fancy Fruits. It’s designed to be a classic slot and that’s exactly what you get here and not a jot more. No, this game isn’t going to command your attention for hours at a time. But as a primer on how fruit machines work, it’s just the ticket. Although unlikely to entertain you for long, it provides a good five minutes of fun before your attention span starts to falter and it becomes time to seek your thrills elsewhere.