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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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In the game “Horsemen” you’re encouraged to ride across the steppes alongside the great Genghis Khan and conquer the world. Although the game is quite simple in execution, the backstory is actually very epic, as it offers up players the spoils of war.

Outside of the epic backstory though, what else is there to this game? Keep reading, as the following review is going to reveal whether or not these Horsemen are worth riding with.

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Out Within the Steppes

We all know that the Mongolian army was one of the deadliest and most impressive armies in the world, so choosing this as the game’s main theme was definitely a very bold choice. The background of Horsemen is made out of vast Mongolian steppes, with nothing but green and brown colours roaming these lands.

Overall, the entirety of Horsemen looks the part. Also, the reels are placed in the foreground on a golden backdrop, which shows that Horsemen as a game offers a beautiful environment for players to spin the reels in.

Getting to the Point

Gameplay wise, it’s about as simple as it gets in Horsemen. In fact, it’s so simple that most beginners will grasp what’s going on here with minimal fuss. There are 5 reels available, along with 4 symbol positioned on each, and 40 fixed paylines. Because of this, you’re forced to bet on all of them at every turn. What you can do though is use the command buttons under the reels to choose your preferred bet per line, which range between 0.10 and 50.00. Afterwards just spin the reels and hope for the better.

If you can handle the pressure, then click the bet max button and hope for glory. If you’re lucky enough you’ll snap up quite a lot of money, but the risk is also significantly larger. Gameplay wise, Horsemen is incredibly basic, but that certainly isn’t a mark against this game.

Saddle up and Ride

The symbols are pretty easy to learn and memorise in Horsemen. The most common ones are the Jack, Queen, the King, and the Ace symbols. These are obviously the most common ones and they offer the smallest rewards due to being of a low value nature. The saddle, violin, eagle and Mongol horse rider are the symbols you should be looking forward to grab, as these offer up to 20x your initial bet when used within a winning combination.

A Few Final Twists

Other than what’s been mentioned above, there is also the red wild icon and a traditional Mongolian yurt. The first one can replace any symbol and it can help you score a lot more combinations, while the second one is also very beneficial to the Horsemen experience. If you can land at least 3 of these at the same time then you can get up to 200x your original wager, alongside an extra 10 to 50 free spins in total to use as you please.

Finally, if you want to, you can play a mini game after a win. Press the button at the right time to double your reward, if you miss it’ll be divided in two though. Honestly, this game simply represents a classic “Gamble” feature.

40 for 40

When it comes to what else is out there, there are two games we would immediately recommend if you enjoy the medium to high variance nature of Horsemen. Thankfully, both of these games come direct from the Bally Wulff company, so they carry a very similar gameplay approach. The games in question are 40 Thieves and Mighty 40, so make sure you keep an eye out for them next time you are perusing your chosen online casino.

Horse Around with Horsemen!

Even though Horsemen is quite a simple game, it offers a lot more story wise than most other slot games on the market. Although the rewards are nowhere near as great as offered by real money slots around right now, the fact that the rules are simpler and the bonuses are way more generous make this game hold up pretty well.