Roman Legion Xtreme Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Bally Wulff are back in action with their new and improved Roman Legion Xtreme. Having released the earlier version of Roman Legion and receiving positive, if not overwhelming, responses, the brand decided to launch a much-needed update.

Unlike its predecessor, this real cash game provides up to 20 winlines, allowing for less volatility. The spins and sticky wild ensure that the action keeps on coming, with the extra paylines giving them more room to manoeuver.

Its looks might not have been improved, but the quirky layout and inclusion of two separate grids, both with 5 reels each, makes this one of the best comebacks we’ve ever seen!

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Two’s Company

Undoubtedly you’ve caught glimpse of the unique design employed here, whether that be via images or the demo mode; at first it looks quite alarming, but we promise you that adapting to it is easy.

To begin with, only the first matrix will be lit up, with a total of 5 lines at your disposal. However, once you increase the number of lines via the appropriate buttons, the other grid springs to live – the more lines you add, the more of the second grid opens up. Play with all 20 of them and you have a double whammy of a game.

Graphically speaking the aesthetic is lacklustre and without impact, but the additional set of reels soon diminishes that issue, leaving you giddy rather than disappointed. It’s a clever tactic, and it works like a charm, experienced slot player or not.

Lefties Unite!

Before we crack on with the gameplay itself, it’s worth mentioning that mobile users have a massive advantage over desktop players, and that’s in the fact that they can activate the left hand mode.

This option provided by the mobile game, enables users to customise the controls to their preferred hand, making the game more playable and thus enjoyable. It’s a feature that a lot of Bally Wulff slots seem to include, but we feel it worthy of note as not many other online casino activities offer the same level of personalisation.

Should that not appeal to you, you being a rightie and all that, you have the beauty of being able to game whilst on the move, which isn’t bad at all. Hello to gaming on demand, whenever, wherever.

Hierarchy and Rank

When Roman Legion Xtreme is in full swing, with the wins coming in from both sides, you’ll be able to select which gamble option you’d prefer. Although the card layout is tried and tested, the ladder mini game is great for those who long for something different.

The ladder will flash through all the different figures of money, with you needing to make an initial selection for the game to proceed. Once you’ve got that first lump sum in place, you’ll need to get an amount above it to stay in the game, for if you land on a lower amount, you lose. You’ll have several attempts, but once the round is over, your money will be long gone if you plummeted down the ladder.

Both options are given in the vast majority of Bally Wulff titles, but here the ladder gamble seems all the more fitting, seeing as you’re essentially playing an army inspired game. And what do armies have – ranks and hierarchies… there’s never been a more perfect match made.

Coming out on Top

The more mundane side of the activity is the rest of paytable, the symbols that provide little more than monetary gains, with the only exception to this rule being that of the wild. The wild in this game not only allows you to change up the combos on the grid, but it also rewards the most money – up to 15,000,000 credits for five of a kind.

Of course, the volatility that goes hand-in-hand with such a large pay-in and payout means that the likelihood of hitting this amount is greatly reduced.

Go Xtreme or Go Home!

We have to hand it to Bally Wulff, they pulled it off this time round. After a sorry state of affairs with the original title, they came back swinging and have provided a real cash slot with substance and excitement. The differences are minor in reality, but they feel huge when you’re playing.