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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Oil is an important part of business across the world, people mine for it, and they’ll even start wars over it if they feel the need is great enough. It’s liquid gold to so many, yet very few of us ever get the chance to strike oil, due to our regular occupations. Not to worry though, for Bally Wulff have rectified that with Texas Tycoon; if you ever wanted to be a man of money, this is your means of doing it.

Gamers will be shown a 5-reel and 10-winline setup, of which there’s only 11 symbols to obtain, all of which don’t appear to have any special values. There’s a wild symbol, but we wouldn’t say that’s an extra, as most slot machines offer on e of them on their paytable. From what you can see, not a lot seems to be offered in this game besides simplicity, but maybe we should take a closer look before we decide for definite.

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Mundane and Plain

When it comes to the visuals of Texas Tycoon, it’s not as extravagant as we were expecting; it’s not a boring interface by any means, but it is rather plain to look at. There’s in-keeping imagery to be found here, but none of it really emphasises the style the brand should have been opting for, which is classless wealth. You know the kind we mean – where someone is rich, but in such a way that they’re not actually one of the elite.

We wanted to see cheesy dollar signs and lots of faux fanciness, but what we got was a moody skyline and a tycoon dressed in white, smoking a cigar. They’re stereotypical characteristics, but the brand could have done so much more to make the game more engaging to look at. Sadly though, it seems to be the Bally Wulff way to create games that are just passable in appearance.

Oil Spill

The wild icon is pretty hard to miss, for it’s an image that can take up to three positions on one reel, forming a giant picture of oil being mined. Although a powerful image, it does nothing other than sub other icons for the wild, with no exceptions to that rule. However, while this is obviously a lacklustre symbol, it has the ability to make more wins for you when it turns up, which is never a bad turnout for players.

That being said, if the symbol had then triggered a bonus round where you had to break the earth to locate oil, we would have been delivered a more entertaining slot machine. Such a small change, yet it could have made the world of difference, but instead Bally Wulff went for low variance.

Half Full or Half Empty?

Playing games from this brand means that you often have to deal with fixed winlines, unable to move about and tailor the game to your personal preference. Fortunately, Texas Tycoon isn’t like that. In this slot you can decide whether you have five winlines or ten, with the latter option being the highest available.

It’s not much in the way of customising the game, but it’ll help users to feel like they have more control over their gameplay than what they actually do. What is more, by having the amount set to maximum, they ensure that they have a less taxing and more easily controlled gameplay. However, everyone should be warned that this brand takes no prisoners when it comes to volatility.

Slippery Customer

Texas Tycoon is a failed slot machine in our eyes, for it delivers next to nothing in return for your bet – there’s plenty of other titles out there, with similar themes, that give you variety. Here you’re given a wild and expected to play for it; it hardly seems worth it in our opinion.

What is more, as this is a Bally Wulff title, you can pretty much guarantee that every other of their slot machines is laid out in such a way, meaning once you’ve played one title, you’ve essentially played them all.