Best Online Slots

There are thousands of online video slots available in 2016. From classic slots that recall the original AWPs or fruit machines to the latest 3D slots with bonus rounds, you can enjoy thousands of games for a range of stakes. Finding a good slots site is about picking the right games for you. It doesn’t have to have the biggest payouts or most bonus rounds. If it has stakes that are right for your budget, it could be a good slot for you. If it has lots of free spins rounds – and you’re a big fan of free spins – that’s the slot for you.

Most casinos online in 2016 boast several hundred slots that let you play for free (Practice or Free-Play), micro-stakes ($0.01 per coin) or big bucks (up to $100 per spin). Even better, the online slots often have better player returns than their land-based casino cousins.

Finding The Best Slots Sites In 2016

First, you have to find a great casino to play your slots. The welcome bonus should allow 100% of your slots play to contribute towards the offer. You should also try to find a site that offers new players free spins on the newest games when you open an account. Before you sign up, check the casino for its developers. Some deal exclusively with one slots developer (Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, etc). Others supply games from a broad range of developers. Decide which games you want to play then pick a casino to match. For example, if you’re into Marvel slots and nothing else it’s pointless signing up to site that offers Microgaming slots exclusively.

What To Look For In Good Online Slots

With so much choice online now, how do you know what a good slot is? After all, you can lose money on ANY online slot. The key is finding games which offer better chances of longer-term profits. When hunting the best video slots, look for several criteria first:

  • RTPs: The RTP% (or Return To Player percentage) is a theoretical, long-term return to players. You’ll find many RTPs on the casino itself or in the site’s audit certificate. Let’s say a slot has an RTP% of 97%. That means for every $100 gambled, roughly $97 is paid back to players. Of course, slots are random, but the arrangement of symbols means that it can be easier for players to hit smaller wins or better for bigger bonus triggers.
  • Bonus Rounds: Most modern video slots feature a bonus round or two like free spins or an instant-win, ‘click me’-style game. Bonus rounds can increase the variance of slots (see below) but they are exciting and can reward players with some big-money wins.
  • Variance: Variance is the natural swings in luck that different slots have. Some high-variance slots may not pay out for a while before a big win hits. Lower-variance slots award smaller, but more regular, payouts to gamblers. Battling variance is about choosing the slots that are right for you. If your bankroll can handle big losses before a major jackpot, a high-variance game might be for you. If you prefer low-stakes spins with a few regular wins, a low-variance slot with no bonus rounds and fewer paylines might be the answer.

The Biggest Progressives And Jackpots

The beauty of online casino slots is that a big proportion come with progressive jackpots attached. These are games that are linked across multiple casinos where the jackpot is constantly rising. A small portion of gamblers’ stakes go towards the jackpot. These can be won if a special payline is hit or bonus round triggered. For high rollers, online progressives can guarantee some enormous paydays. You may have to bet the maximum stake to qualify, and that should be factored into your bankroll when you play.

Enjoy Thousands Of Top Slots Online

Internet casinos in 2016 spread thousands of top online slots games for players. You can find games at a range of stakes you won’t find in a land-based casino. You can try out titles for free, or jump straight in and play for real money. With so much on offer, it’s important to hunt for the best slots to play. Pick a slot that’s right for you, choose a theme that won’t bore you, and make sure you understand the RTP and variance before you play. And of course, discover a good welcome bonus that will reward your slots play when you gamble.

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