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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Mr Multiplier is a 5-reel video slot from BTG, even if the game looks nothing like a 5 reel video slot. A curious honeycomb-style layout fuses together brightly coloured symbols filled with fruit, cola and other sweet treats.

Mr Multiplier is the game’s central character. He’s a glazed looking figure with white gloves who looks a bit like a red M&M sweet. As you can probably guess from its title, the aim of the game is to collect multipliers of increasing value.

Chain wins together to create a reaction. The more wins you mash together, the greater their multiplier effect.

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Say Hello to Mr Multiplier

By default, you start off with a 1x multiplier – i.e no multiplier – before advancing to collect 3x, 4x and higher multipliers. When you spin the reels by pushing the start button, some neat animations kick in. The symbols displayed on the reels (if you can call them reels) spin individually on the spot, rotating to generate new symbols.

While this is happening, a jingle will play that’s a bit like a jingle you might hear during Countdown or a similar TV show. Occasionally, Mr Multiplier, who’s stationed to the right of the reels, will also move, grabbing a bunch of grapes for example to stuff them into his mouth.

Multiple Multipliers

The stake per line can be adjusted from 0.01 to 10 using the controls in the bottom left of the screen, but the number of lines remains fixed at 40. There’s an autoplay button which allows you to instruct the game to perform up to 25 spins on your behalf. The symbols that appear on the reels are mostly fruits, the same as the ones you’d find in a classic slot game. To win the jackpot, you’ll need to three or more Mr Multiplier jackpot symbols to appear on a payline. Three will win you the mini jackpot, four will win the midi and five will win the maxi.

Grapes, lemons, cherries and melons take care of the fruit snacks, while the remaining snacks that appear as symbols are a sweet, a doughnut, a can of cola and triple bars. You can’t eat the triple bars by the way – they’re definitely not a snack. Everything else is edible though or at least it would be if these symbols were real. Five triple bar symbols are worth 800 and five colas are worth 1,000, as an indication of how much you might win during regular play. Obviously multipliers will boost any wins you collect.

Spinning on the Spot

When you’re ready to play, push the green start button and the symbols begin their unusual spinning on the spot effect. It’s kind of hypnotic, thanks to the sound effects and the sight of several dozen symbols all turning in unison. As each one flips, the face of Mr Multiplier can be seen on the reverse side. When a winning combination is generated, the sum won will be displayed in the box to the right of the reels. You’re paid according to the number of reactions you’ve managed to generate.

This game feels a bit like a social media campaign in which brand managers attempt to make their content go viral. If you succeed in making your wins go viral in Mr Multiplier they’ll stack up, one after the other, filling the box with win upon win. When you play with everything set to the maximum, which will cost you 400 per spin, you should find it pretty easy to instigate chain reactions. Like any slot, Mr Multiplier can’t pay out more than it takes in, but it certainly feels like a generous game when you’re playing.

Breaking the Chain

If you can tear yourself away from Mr Multiplier and seek out other slots of a similar nature, you might enjoy Ancient Riches Cash Drop or Openbet’s Cash Drop. Both of these games have similar characteristics to Mr Multiplier, which is a medium variance game.

Give It a Quick Go

Mr Multiplier is a simple game, but it’s also great fun for a while. It doesn’t provide much longevity, but for an hour or so’s entertainment, it’s ideal.