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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Dust down your shotgun and load up on shells. It’s hunting season and there’s a whole lot of big game waiting to be filled with lead. Not one for animal rights activists, Rocky Reactors is a slot that rewards a steady hand on the shotgun. Aim, fire, repeat.

Fuel the pickup truck and follow the rocky road that leads way over yonder. Keep going till you reach the Canadian border and then head for the hills. That’s the setting for Rocky Reactors, a cartoonish slot that obliges you to pepper a series of cute wild animals with lead.

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Follow the Rocky Road

Bears; reindeer; salmon, it makes no difference what you shoot here. They’re all fair game and they’ll all be going home in pieces if you have any say in the matter.

It might seem harsh to be expected to kill these endearing creatures that grin cheekily at you from the reels, but that’s just the circle of life. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. As a progressive jackpot game, Rocky Reactors has mini, midi and maxi jackpots. The leaf – the Canadian maple leaf – is the symbol that will win you the jackpot. You’ll need five of them to win the mini, six for the midi and seven or more for the maxi.

Raking It In

Leaves are normally only good for raking, except for Canada, where they’re so esteemed that they grace the country’s flag. It’s a shame that they don’t accord so much respect to animals, but in fairness it’s unfair to judge an entire country on the basis of a slot, especially one that’s made by a team of Aussies. The stake per line in the game can be set at between 0.2 and a staggering 1,000. In execution, the game follows a Candy Crush format, a bit like other games Big Time Gaming have released.

This means in practice that symbols ‘pop’ and burst, leaving huge gaps on the screen that are then filled by new symbols falling into place from the top of the screen. As this happens, any wins you accrue will be displayed to the right of the reels. Each win is accompanied by a multiplier whose value depends on the number of symbols you’ve matched.

Shoot on Sight

Rocky Reactors isn’t like other slots. The game works differently, especially in terms of the maximum number of symbols you can match in a single spin. It’s possible to land 16 or more symbols because wins are paid in all directions, not just for a single line. If you were to land 16 or more symbols of the red-capped and bearded huntsman, for instance, you’d win a huge 100,000x multiplier. For the leaping salmon, there’s a 6,000x multiplier for 16 symbols and a lower figure for the remaining symbols which include a beaver.

Due to the design of Rocky Reactors, this isn’t the sort of game that’s packed with a lot of slot features and other bonuses. All of the action takes place in the base game, but that doesn’t mean that this slot is boring or unadventurous – far from it. It’s still highly entertaining and has some beautiful touches, such as the animation of a train which speeds past in the background in between spins. Look closely and you’ll spot a load of deft touches like this throughout the game.

What Happens in a Wood Stays in a Wood

Aside from the Canadian leaf jackpot symbol, there’s one other special symbol that might show up from time to time. It’s known as the Big Win Cabin and when it appears it will trigger a guaranteed win sequence. This will constitute five or more matching symbols, but thanks to the nature of the game, it’s likely that a Big Win Cabin appearing will herald several wins in a row as symbols are replaced by new ones. Rocky Reactors is rated as a medium volatility game. If you like what you see here, try Funky Fruits, another slot that works in the same way.

Rocky Road to Fun

Rocky Reactors is a really enjoyable slot from Big Time Gaming. It’s fun because it’s different and because it’s detailed too. Graphics, sound and animations are all excellent, ensuring that despite its lack of features, Rocky Reactors is a wild ride.