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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The spirit of Lara Croft is alive and well in Temple Quest, a South American-based game that rewards intrepid explorers who don’t fear ancient curses or medium volatility slots. With a risk to reward ratio that’s perfectly pitched, riches await the brave souls who dare to venture where the sun don’t shine.

If Temple Quest sounds vaguely familiar, that’s probably because there’s a whole heap of games out there with similar names and themes. Hell, Big Time Gaming have even released one of their own: Temple of Fortune is another Incan-themed slot that looks very similar to this effort.

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Put the Quest to the Test

Temple Quest is rich in the sort of imagery and tropes that characterise all games that feature a South American theme. We’ve got ancient temples, loadsa treasure and a protagonist intent on prevailing at all cost. It’s gonna take more than an Incan curse, poisonous snakes or a crumbling temple to keep Lara Croft at bay, though. In real life, 2,000-year-old temples are dark, dusty and filled with nothing more precious than a few ancient carvings and earthenware vessels. In slot life, every such temple is a treasure trove of gold jewellery, gems and rare trinkets.

Getting away from the theme for a moment and Big Time Gaming have fitted Temple Quest out with 40 paylines and 5 reels. The stake per line can be set as low as 0.01 and as high as 1, resulting in a maximum cost of 40 per spin. The maximum possible payout is 1,000x your stake. A lush tropical background, stuffed with dense foliage and bright colours, places the game geographically somewhere in the Amazonian jungle. Set autoplay if you so desire, press Spin and off you go.

Temple of Bling

You’re probably familiar with the concept of expanding wilds, but the symbols in Temple Quest go a lot further than expanding to occupy multiple lines. The symbols in this game can transform into mega icons that hog vast amounts of screen space, but that’s only a good thing as far as you’re concerned. The bigger the symbol, the fewer the number of remaining symbols you need to match a win. Aside from the playing card symbols, which are inlaid with precious gems, there are various proprietary symbols including a parrot brooch, a gold Incan piece of jewellery and various gemstones.

Wild appears as a ball of fire, perhaps issued by a wrathful South American sun god. Whatever its inspiration, wild will substitute for all other symbols except for scatter. There are also free spins to be won courtesy of the golden symbol that’s marked accordingly and a whole bunch of bonuses to be won via the Chest of Fortune bonus.

Gold Digga

There’s a lot of gold in this game. It covers the symbols, the reels and spills from treasure chests bursting to overflowing with the precious stuff. With the Chest of Fortune Bonus, you’re simply expected to pick a chest from the selection that appears on-screen to find out what you’ve won.

There’s also a Treasure Temple Bonus, which calls for collecting keys to win prizes of increasing value. With each of these bonuses, the amount you’ll win is partially dependant upon the size of the icon that triggered the feature. The largest possible symbols, coming in at 4×4, are the most valuable.

If Temple Quest proves to be your kind of game, the obvious slot to try next is Temple of Fortune, also by Big Time Gaming. It doesn’t have mega symbols but in every other respect it’s almost identical. It’s curious that Big Time Gaming have elected to release two slots that are virtually clones of one another, but it’s possible that Temple Quest is simply an improved iteration of its predecessor or vice-versa.

Quest for Riches

With its lush graphics and the presence of mega symbols, Temple Quest is an unorthodox slot nursing a look that’s shared only by its sister slot, Temple of Fortune. Think of this as the Lara Croft to the other game’s Indy, providing a similar degree of swashbuckling adventure, with a fat stack of gold the glittering reward for all your toil.