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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Vegas is a divisive place. Some people dream of the day when they can set foot on the famous strip and plunge their savings into its many casinos. But for others – even ardent gamblers – the tackiness and vacuity of Las Vegas is a complete turn-off. If that’s you, this slot is best avoided, but for those who relish the glitz and glamor, Vegas Dreams is a game to savour.

All the things you might associate with Las Vegas – casino chips; luxury cars; briefcases of cash and red dice – are celebrated in Big Time Gaming’s Vegas Dreams. It ain’t subtle, but then slots rarely are.

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Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Memes

Vegas Dreams is a 5-reel slot in which the aim of the game is to scoop fat stacks of cash. That’s the aim of the game with every video slot ever invented admittedly, but it just feels more blatant in a slot whose symbols include briefcases full of dollar bills. It’s kinda crass, but then who said free-play casino games have to be classy? A series of bright lights make up the game’s logo and frame the reels, as if it were the stage for a show. There’s a show about to start alright, and it’s one in which you’ll be the star of the stage.

Everything that happens from this point on is down to you. Okay, so it’s technically down to the Random Number Generator built into the game, but it’s better to pretend that you’re the one who’s in control, because the alternative – conceding that we’re all powerless to control our destiny and that we’re trapped on a ball of rock spinning through space at thousands of miles an hour – is too terrifying to contemplate. Big Time Gaming are known for their fine graphics and deft animations, so why does Vegas Dreams look so bad? Well, it’s one of the company’s older games in fairness, and they’ve upped the ante since then. Also, Vegas slots invariably look cheap and nasty. That’s just a given.

What Happens in Vegas…

Vegas Dreams is a 20 payline slot with a stake that can be set between 0.01 and 10. These are the usual parameters that Big Time Gaming are apt to setting a good many of their slots to. The number of active paylines can be adjusted if desired, though if you thought this game seemed like a drag with 20 active paylines, just wait till you drop it to 1. Due to the game’s high volatility, there’s a fat jackpot waiting to be claimed but the downside to this is that it’s possible to go for ages without seeing a sniff of action. On a set of reels as generic as Vegas Dreams, this can make for an arduous gaming experience. The game controls are set out across the bottom of the screen including an autoplay option that’s capped at 25 spins.

In the base game – which is where you’ll be spending most of your time – the playing card symbols really aren’t much to look at. They’ve got a Vegas sheen to them, but that’s about as far as the slot’s Aussie developers have gone in terms of customising them. The remaining symbols – the Mercedes-Benz, poker chips and suchlike – are at least relevant to the theme of the slot but aren’t much to look at either.

Vegas Dreams has a wild symbol with the potential to pay up to 10,000 should you scoop the jackpot with five on a line. The value of the remaining symbols pales in comparison; you’ll get 750 for five bars, but that’s about as good as it gets. There’s a scatter symbol too, which can generate as many as 180 free spins. If you like this game by the way, try Super Graphics Super Lucky by Realistic, which is pretty similar.

Dream Big?

Vegas Dreams is a dated and basic game from Big Time Gaming that’s probably not worth your time. As an indicator of how the Aussie developer started out it’s a curiosity, but for enjoyment and reward, there are much better games out there.