Bluberi Online Slots

If we asked you to name the hotbeds of the gaming world off the top of your head, chances are that it would take a long time before you got to Canada. While the Great White North is certainly an important market for both the land-based and online industries, few would put it near the top on either side of the gaming world, meaning it can often be overshadowed in the minds of players and operators alike.

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That might be a mistake, as Canada has seen enormous growth in its gambling sector in recent years. Perhaps the most famous developer in the country is Amaya, which became a global powerhouse after acquiring PokerStars and now has a hand in just about every corner of the market.

But there are plenty of smaller Canadian firms out there who are also hard at work making games for online casinos. One such company is Bluberi, a smaller studio working out of Montreal that has been in operation since 1994. The provider is mostly known for its work in land-based casinos, sending games to many locations in the United States, the Caribbean, and beyond. Not only do they offer a wide range of games that include slots, pull tabs, and bingo operations, but they also provide excellent customer service, giving them a bit of a personal touch that some of their competitors might lack.

While their focus may not be on the Internet, Bluberi has still found itself as a contributor to many different online casinos. That’s mostly thanks to the fact that their games are part of the package that is available through the Quickfire platform, a backend system that is utilized by many operators to run their gaming sites.

Limited Offerings, But Plenty of Variety

Bluberi doesn’t have the quantity of titles available to really excite most players, but that’s okay: as we noted, they’re really only used as a companion to other collections in the online market, so you won’t have to choose between these titles and those from other companies.

Generally speaking, the company has developed machines that are fun to play, feature simple but sharp and modern looking graphics, and offer straightforward gameplay that’s easy enough to understand. Whether you are playing these games in a real world casino or on the Quickfire platform, you’ll enjoy a pleasant visual experience, which sometimes even includes some halfway decent music and animations. These games aren’t world beaters, but they are a welcome addition to just about any site.

Let’s take a look at a few of the better known titles produced by this company. Perhaps their most famous slot machine is Cherries on Fire, a game that utilizes many of the classic symbols of the genre: bars, bells, poker ranks, and – of course – the cherry. It’s a five-reel, 30 line game that offers up a pretty entertaining free spins feature in which you’ll be tasked with playing a matching game to figure out just how many spins you’ll get and what your multiplier will be. As an added bonus, this special feature can actually be retriggered, potentially giving you a huge number of free plays each time you enter this round.

Another popular option is Flying Seven, an airshow-themed machine that once again mixes this fun graphical concept with some classic symbols, like bars and sevens. Once again, we’re play with 30 paylines over five reels, with the potentially for hitting a number of different bonus rounds. In the classic free spins round, you’ll only get what might feel like a paltry four free spins, but you’ll be guaranteed to win on each one. There are also expanding wilds and a cool Air Show Bonus Feature where you could potentially take down a jackpot prize on a lucky spin.

Finally, let’s talk about Burglin’ Bob, a criminal caper-themed game that has been a favorite for slots lovers both live and online. The game, which features some fun animated sequences that focus on Bob’s attempts to escape from authorities, comes with a slew of different bonuses that offer potentially huge rewards. These include a free spins game that can award dozens of bonus plays, a jackpot Dynamite Bonus, and other mini games like a Safe Bonus, Escape Bonus, and a Smash and Grab Feature.

These are just a few of the Bluberi titles that slots fans have enjoyed for years. Some of the other games you might come across from the company are:

  • Jumpin’ Rabbit
  • Timber Jack
  • Cash & Cheese
  • BBQ Party
  • Lobster Creek
  • Honey Buziness

One Major Online Partner Brings Games to Market

As we’ve already mentioned above, Bluberi isn’t an online-first developer. In fact, for a long time, the only places you could find their titles was at land-based resorts (mostly in Native American casinos in the USA, in fact). But that all changed once Microgaming partnered with them to put at least some of their collection on the Quickfire platform, a move that suddenly saw them in a large number of Internet gambling sites.

Other than that, there’s nothing particularly notable about this firm. Bluberi is a regular at the major gaming expositions and conferences in North America, but you’ll never mistake them for one of the big players in the industry. While they are well-regarded – particularly for how they support the clients who purchase their machines – we can’t say there’s anything in particular that would make players go out of their way to seek them out. That said, the whole point is that thanks to the Microgaming partnership, you don’t have to: they’ll be there while you’re playing better-known titles from the world’s biggest developers.

Great Games Make This Group a Solid Contributor

While the Bluberi collection of slots may not be particularly impressive overall, that’s only due to its relatively small size. The individual games – while they lack anything that really sets them apart as unique or innovative creations – are quite strong, and we suspect that players who give them a try might well find a few they enjoy.

That said, we can’t imagine that the presence of these titles will make or break your decision as to whether to play at a Quickfire-powered casino. Instead, we’d suggest not losing too much sleep over whether or not you get a chance to try these machines out; instead, think of them as a bonus you’ll want to take a closer look at should they happen to be at a site you’re already planning to play on.