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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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It’s all groovy with the Austin Powers slot machine, baby. The 1990s are back with vengeance when you go on a wild ride down the psychedelic 5 reels of this Blueprint slot. It might sound like we’re laying on the puns rather thick (we totally are), but all joking aside, this is one hot slot for computer and mobile users to play.

Having experienced huge success when the first film was released in 1997, the swinging 60s came back two more times, with the last instalment shown in 2002. Although all of them had comedic value, the other two movies never lived up to the genuinely funny humour of the first film. If you’re wanting to recapture that sense of enjoyment, without digging out old VCRs, you can start up this game instead.

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Flower Power

Even though this a movie themed slot, and so certain images need to be carried over in order for success, generic conventions of the 60s also have to come into play. They were rife in the film, so a lot of Blueprint’s work was done for them, with them only needing to mimic the aesthetic of the film perfectly. That’s so easy… right?

What this means is a whole lot of flowers and peace signs springing up all over the screen, with the interior of an apartment blurred in the background. Even though we have to commend the lengths the brand have gone to to create such an exceptional visual display, we have to admit that the interface is overwhelming. However, some may say this is like Austin Powers himself, and so the theme continues on working.

Does It Ever End?

Normally when we review an online title, we moan that there’s not enough diversity in the paytable, but in a turn of events, we’re now complaining that there’s too much. Austin Powers has a lot of bonus rounds, not to mention the extras you can unlock, as well as the standard paytable. This may mean you’re never without a new experience, but it also means you’ll never truly ‘beat’ the game.

In total there’s six bonus rounds, each of them selected from the Bonus Selector when you get three or more of the time machine symbol (it says bonus on it). Each level is very specific to the film, and so if you haven’t seen it you’re going to miss out on the laugh out loud gags that Blueprint have included. While we won’t reveal too much about the bonuses, we will say that three of them are nothing more than glorified free spins, meaning you actually get less surprises than what you first thought.

Start Your Own Franchise

Why stop now when you’re having so much fun playing this slot? You might as well just keep finding more film based games and seeing if they live up to the hype of their cinematic counterparts. We can promise you you’ll be spoilt for choice when you do this, as there’s a lot of movie themed slot machines to go round.

Seeing as this is an exceptional example of an Austin Powers title, we thought we’d search out other state of the art slots that really capture the magic of the movies. One we found was The Dark Knight Rises, from Microgaming. The brand has worked with Marvel as well as DC, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see them mentioned here. They have the monopoly on film slots, specifically superhero ones.

Always Swinging

When you play Austin Powers from Blueprint, you’re always able to not only re-live a great film, but a golden era as well; the 60s are renowned for fashion, music, and politics. By playing this title you get a taste of all that, but in the form of a popular character that you like. How many gaming brands can say that they offer that? We’d wager not many at all, which makes Blueprint Gaming pretty darn cool.