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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The gameplay of Bejeweled has been capturing our hearts and minds since 2001. Having started out from a basic game, it’s now grown into a successful and popular franchise; Bejeweled Cascades is just one fine example of how far the game has come. Brought to you by Blueprint Gaming, you can rest assured the quality is excellent.

Having not personally played any other games belonging to the franchise, we wasn’t quite sure what was awaiting us while the title was loading. We knew to expect gemstones, but other than that we had no clue, though the cascades section of the name gave us a hint. Lovers of rapid, recurring wins are going to simply die for the action you get in this 25 paylines grid.

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Like a Waterfall

In case you need it, : they trigger multiple wins, in which the successful symbols vanish and others drop into their spot. The more this happens the greater your returns, a bit like Tetris, only with less spontaneity. When we apply what we know to this 5 reels, we can expect that 8 or 9 times out of 10 a cascading effect will seize the matrix and have us winning some prizes.

That being said, due to the volatility of the title, you’re not going to be showered with gems like the tagline of the game suggests. It’s a great way of luring potential players in, but it doesn’t properly highlight the level of challenge you’re about to face. Blueprint aren’t a rock hard difficulty type of experience, but they make sure you work hard to get the cash. All we ask is that you bear that mind before you start to lose your cool over the lack of wins – we know that nearly happened to us. Not our best moment.

We’re Going on a Quest

There’s something lurking upon the grid called a Quest Badge, only triggered when the quest icon lands on the first, second or third reels. When this happens you’ll be shown three purple shadows where a badge is hidden, only you won’t be aware of what prize is masked by the darkness. Only by selecting will you know. Thankfully you can’t really go wrong with this extra, as you’ll either get Instant Wins, Buried Treasure, or Butterfly Cascades.

The latter of the three will launch a series of cascades, though they’re not always guaranteed to work out. However, if they do you’ll be rewarded with multipliers that’ll carry on growing in size every time you make a fresh winning combinations. As for the Buried Treasure, well that involves a mini level where matches of icons need to be made to cause an explosion. Once the dust settles you’ll see how much you stand to win, though be careful as more symbols will fill the holes left by the blast. Lastly you have the Instant Wins, which pretty much require no explanation.

A Gem Never Loses Its Shine

Gamesy can take over from Blueprint Gaming once you finish up here, thanks to their Bejeweled 2 real cash slot. Just like this one it’s based on the original game, though some tweaks have been made to make it stand out. As for features, we’d say this one wins due to the cascading reels, but that doesn’t mean the 20 paylines can’t tempt you to part with some cash.

One thing that’s dead certain about Gamesy’s version is that it offers more bonuses than this game, mainly because we can’t really class an instant win as a bonus – it’s a prize at best. Go on, whet your appetite and see what all the fuss of those 5-reels are about; if you liked this game we’re pretty sure you’ll like that one too.


The sparkle of those jewels can really affect your eyes and throw you off, and before too long all you’ll see are gemstones in your sleep. Not only is that a sign that you have a problem, but that this slot is a prime example of exceptional gaming. It looks like an underdog when you first play it, but it soon reveals itself to be a standalone title. Other brands have something similar to offer, as we’ve just shown, but the cascading reels will always put this one ahead of the rest.