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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Everyone’s favourite 1980s cartoon villain is back in Count Duckula, a 5-reel slot from Blueprint Gaming that fully captures the glory of the good ol’ days of TV. The fangtastic duck was first seen in Danger Mouse, but after amassing a large following, was given his own show in 1988. Those years may be long behind us now, but there’s so many, young and old alike, that know the name of this dastardly bad guy.

First appearances aren’t anything to write home about, for although the grid looks the part, it does it in a very mundane and conventional way – we expected plot twists around every corner, and instead we got predictable. However, while the design might not be awe inspiring, the number of features available are; just as the brand did with Deal or No Deal: What’s In Your Box, you have several ways of striking gold.

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Guest Appearance

All TV shows have a guest star at one time or another, but in Count Duckula as many as three different characters can make an appearance, as well as a flock of cute looking bats. These random occurrences aren’t just for dramatic effect though, for they also bring with them a whole host of benefits.

Telling you would ruin half the fun, and if anything, Count Duckula should be fun, and so we’ll give you but hints. There’s spins and wilds, not to mention a curious looking concoction, that can end up dropping onto your reels… but we can’t say any more, the Count is listening.

Wall of Frame

Being the sophisticated criminal that he is, Count Duckula has his own Wall of Fame that you can interact with. To unlock the feature you need to get three or more of the associated symbol, a feat we never managed but we’re sure plenty of others will do.

When you trigger the round, you’ll experience a wheel of fortune type mini level, although calling it a wheel seems to dumb down its appearance and capabilities. On this rolling tour of the Count’s gallery, you will eventually stop on one of many bonuses, such as the Tombstone Bonus.

This simple pick me round will continue on until you uncover Dr. Von Goosewing. The Ancestor Bonus takes on a similar dynamic, although this time you’re searching through pictures and not graves. As for the other possibilities, they vary between spins and pick me selections. As you can see, nothing here is that original once you’ve tested it out for yourself.

Rules of Engagement

Getting entangled with Count Duckula shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is probably why a demo version is available – so that you can test your skills out before going into ‘battle’ for real. Whether you play for keeps or for a bit of fun, the betting range will stay the same, between 0.20 and 500 credits, and the controls will be found in the same place upon the screen.

Everything has been streamlined for your convenience, and so it should be easy to find everything you’re looking for. We like the minimal control panel for it ensures the gameplay is more tangible and immersive; both the grid and controls are extensions of one another rather than being separate entities. If you should feel that this integrated design doesn’t work for you, you might want to try other slots from a different label, as Blueprint tend to keep their controls minimal and connected to the theme.

Ducking Brilliant!

We have to give credit when it’s due, and boy is it overdue with this slot machine; Count Duckula is a fantastic addition to the list of free online slots already available from Blueprint Gaming. What is more, it secures the notion that they’re among the best for games based on pop culture references. Their designs are always unique and yet easy to play, not to mention the array of bonuses are second to none.

Even if you’ve never even heard of Count Duckula or Danger Mouse, we implore you to give the reels of this game a spin.