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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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All of us know of the Spartans, though it’s normally through the film 300 rather than having studied their civilization and culture. Regardless of how you know the name, all you really need to know when playing Fortunes of Sparta is whether or not you like ancient fighting. If you don’t like bloody battles and waging wars, this isn’t going to be a slot machine you enjoy.

Bursting onto your screens is a real cash slot of epic proportions, or at least from an aesthetic perspective; Blueprint have made sure this is a dark and mysterious game. You can practically smell the tang of blood and death in the air, the hum of the music intensifying that feeling. It helps if you know a few words from the film the title is referencing, but as long as you can roar your lungs out, you should fit in well around here.

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The theme and design of this game is intense, in fact we’d go so far as to say that calling it intense is an understatement. From the moment you start you have the leader of the Spartans screaming at you, pushing you ever forward to win the battle, and while it captures the mood perfectly, it’s rather hard going for an easy night in. This isn’t a slot you can unwind with.

The reasons for the foreboding atmosphere comes from the colour palette used, the animated characters, and the crashing of spears and shields; all of it gives this game an edge. When it comes to the imagery outside of the grid, there’s not much going on – everything is inside the matrix, which helps focus the action.

Winning Streak

One of the winners of the game is the Spartan Streak Feature, a special that only occurs on the third reel. Although it’s more difficult to land, we had no problem activating it on our second spin. The image of the symbol will expand across that part of the screen, frozen in place while the rest of the grid grinds on. If a winning line is made, they then become frozen in place as well.

It sounds like a lacklustre extra, when you take away all the flashy graphics of the sequence, but we found it to be highly rewarding; we made 11.40 credits during our time playing. That’s quite a lot of green to win back from a feature that isn’t even the main selling point of the game. Yet once again, Blueprint Gaming have managed to impress us.

Spinning Right Round

Spartan Spins is the bonus we’ve all been waiting for: it gifts you free spins, but it does so in a clever way. You have to match at least three of the corresponding tiles at first, which is all very standard, but then those symbols stick in place and the reels spin again. This is part of the reason why you can get over a 10 of a kind match, resulting in 100 extra games!

Before you go sounding the horn of victory, we have to hold our hands up and state that we never got that figure. We didn’t even come close. But the fact that it’s possible will be more than enough to send you born fighters into a Greek frenzy. Furthermore, during the spins you can activate the Spartan Streak we just discussed, meaning your prize could triple in size.

A Civilisation Melting Pot

Fortunes of Sparta is good fun, great even, but when you want to up and move civilisations and be more in the now, you can search Blueprint for their oriental inspired Imperial Dragon. Having played this stunning slot for ourselves, we can assure you that this is probably the only other title out there as raw and as intense as this one you’re playing now. Arguably even more so; breathtaking images line your way to a comfortable victory.

This. Is. Sparta

Admit it, you’ve been waiting to see that phrase pop up in this review – we struggled not to say it a lot sooner, but the ending seems to fit the comment well. Wow, what a slot machine. It doesn’t have much in the way of interactive features, nor does it make you mountains of cash every spin, but it has consistency and atmosphere. They’re two every different components, but brought together they create a sublime online experience for all.

If you’re unsure about the game because you don’t like the film or you have no interest in history, we implore you to reconsider. This is a slot that’ll get under your skin, even if battling isn’t your thing. Just give it a try and see if you can’t expand your horizons.