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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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When it comes to the superhero slot machine market, we’ve all become used to seeing actual characters from comic books – we see Deadpool and Iron Man, but rarely do we see original ideas. It’s made us almost lazy as players, and makes brands appear to lack in imagination. So thank goodness that Blueprint Gaming bit the bullet and made Heroes Of Spin, an original hero inspired real cash slot.

Before you get completely excited by this notion, we have to level we you and explain that while this is an ‘original’ idea, Blueprint has adhered to many superhero conventions. As you’d expect given the industry that they’re in; thinking too outside the box can ruin your rep. That means you’re going to get a lit up skyline of buildings, followed by several heroes in tight outfits.

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When Is a Reel Not a Reel?

Anyone with eyes can see that there’s 5 reels in this 25 winlines game, with an add-on of three octagonal shapes; Blueprint class this as a sixth reel, but it really isn’t. It’ll launch a series of three spins if three symbols are matched up, but it doesn’t showcase any other icons, hence it not being a traditional reel.

Despite this semantics issue, we can’t deny that we like how the features are decided by a different point upon the grid. Matching symbols is old hat, and staple for many slots, but to have an extra deciding that isn’t. In that respect, this extra reel is an innovation that more real cash slots should consider adding into the gameplay.

Calling All Heroes

Now that we’ve (sort of) cleared up the wording around the shapes, we can start focusing on the goodies you get when you manage to make a successful combination. There are five different logos to get, four of which are associated with a specific hero, while the fifth is a means of selecting which hero-based feature you want.

  • Diviso (orange symbol): Get three of the icons and you’ll be rewarded with the power to split symbols. What this means is the wins from each icon are multiplied, up to x4 in some cases.
  • Glaciar (blue symbol): When you trigger this you’ll be using ice to freeze wilds onto the spot while the remaining reels spin.
  • Kinetix (green symbol): This one is our favourite as you can now move the reels around, essentially swapping all icons to create a win. Sweet.
  • Scorcha (red symbol): When you light up this combo you’ll shoot flames, the fire spreading and leaving wilds in its wake.

Hang up Your Cape for Glamour?

We’re nothing if not thorough with the options we give you, and while we can appreciate you’re here to be a hero, that doesn’t mean you’re in it for life. Some of you may want to kiss goodbye to that life and focus on getting some high quality R&R, which is where a slot like Glam Life comes in. Created by IGT, it will bestow the same level of RTP to you, while allowing you to experience the VIP side of living. The only downside is that the number of features don’t appear to be as varied.

Okay, okay, so maybe we took it too far thinking you wanted to go from one to the other, and so we’ve thrown in Playtech’s The Avengers slot machine. This is based more on the films than the comic books, but it’ll allow you to carry on fighting crime in a fancy looking costume. We still think you could do that whilst being glamorous – isn’t that what Bruce Wayne does?

In a Spin

Heroes Of Spin felt innovative in quite a few ways, primarily because of the way the features are activated, but also because it introduces new heroes we’ve never seen. That being said, plenty of other brands have attempted to do the same, though arguably not on such a polished level. Therefore it’s all about how graphically sound you want your slot to be, and whether you want established characters or new ones.